Pesapallo (Finland) Men’s 2019


Top Half
Vimpelin Veto2971
Sotkamon Jymy2967
Kouvolan Pallonlyoyat2961
Joensuun Maila2959
Hyvinkaan Tahko2946
Seinajoen JymyJussit2944
Pattijoen Urheiljat Rashe2942
Imatran Pallo-Veikot2935
Bottom Half
Kiteen Pallo-902935
Kankaanpaan Urheilijat2933
Kampeleen Kiri2926
Koskenkorvan Urheilijat2924
Siilinjarven Pesis2922
Alajarven Ankkurit2916

Reference: [1]


Pesapallo is Finland’s National Sport and is a form of Baseball where players run in zig-zags through the bases.



[1] Pesis (2019) Superpesis | Meihet [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 12 August 2019]


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