International Lacrosse Union Ireland v England 1881-1899

Ireland v England 1881-1899

1881Belfast (IRL)Ireland7England4
1882Manchester (Eng)Ireland4England3
1883Belfast (IRL)Ireland12England6
1884London (ENG)Ireland4England0
1885Belfast (IRL)Ireland6England0
1886Manchester (ENG)Ireland5England4
1887Belfast (IRL)Ireland10England1
1888London (ENG)Ireland3England7
1889Belfast (IRL)Ireland5England3
1890Manchester (ENG)Ireland2England7
1891Belfast (IRL)Ireland12England0
1892London (ENG)Ireland5England2
1893Belfast (IRL)Ireland6England3
1894Manchester (ENG)Ireland5England5
1895Belfast (IRL)Ireland9England6
1896London (ENG)Ireland2England5
1897Belfast (IRL)Ireland1England8
1898Manchester (ENG)Ireland4England11
1899Belfast (IRL)Ireland1England8
1900No International due to War
Ireland v England Lacrosse Internationals 1881-1899 [Ref: 1]


Ireland won 12 of the Lacrosse Internationals played against England between 1881 and 1899 inclusive, including the first seven in a row. There was one drawn match (in 1894), and England won six times, including the last four as decline set into Irish Lacrosse. The Host Nation alternated between Ireland and England each year, All of Ireland’s Home matches were played in Belfast.

The Irish Lacrosse Union was the Men’s Lacrosse Association in Ireland from the Late 19th to Early 20th Centuries.


[1] The Belfast News-Letter “Lacrosse: Great International Match: England v Ireland” Thursday, August 15, 1901. pg. 4

Past editions of the Belfast Newsletter are available to view on the Irish Newspaper Archive at:

Past editions of both the Belfast Newsletter and Newtownards Chronicle and County Down Observer are available to view on the British Newspaper Archive at:


Thanks to Cillian Murphy, Ireland Lacrosse and Brian Bird.

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