Flag Football Big Bowl XI 2017

Final Standings

1Boston Massflag (MASS)900
2Cophenhagen Barbarians (Den)720
3Allerod Armadillos (Den)810
4London Barbarians (Eng)730
5NP Flag (PA)810
6Novo Mesto Knights (Ita)540
7London Ex-Pads (Eng)720
8Kirkcaldy Bulls (Sco)540
9Buttonhookers (Eng)810
10Las Palmas Atlantic Devils (Spa)630
11Walldorf Wanderers (Ger)720
12Cophenhagen Scumbags (Den)540
13Dutch Lions (Ned)630
14Victoria Park Panthers (Eng)540
15London Rebels (Eng)441
16Lille Capricornes (Fra)450
17Munich Spatzen (Ger)620
18Kelkheim Lizzards (Ger)530
19Maichingen Mustangs (Ger)530
20Ljubljana KillerBees (Slo)440
21Wiesbaden Phantoms (Ger)431
22Ilmenau Ilmroosters (Ger)440
233Coventry (Eng)341
24Esslingen Raccoons (Ger)350
25Scotland Chieftains (Sco)530
26Augsburg Rooks (Ger)530
27Northampton Stormer (Eng)440
28Zyuzino Zombies350
29Lalo Greyhounds440
30Moscow Tough Nuts (Rus)350
31Salzburg Flag Pack (Aut)242
32Milcia Astur260
33Cophenhagen Tomahawks (Den)440
34Uni Warzburg (Ger)440
35Kaizen Flag 350
36Frankfurt Purple Flags (Ger)26 0
37NuOla Lumberjacks350
38Mainz Legionnaires (Ger)251
39Bad Homburg Sentiflags (Ger)251
40Paris Taureaux (Fra)170
41Duisberg Steinfire (Ger)350
42Dortmund Devils (Ger)350
43Alphen Pinkbulls (NeD)260
44Universitat Trier (Ger)170
45Badener Greifs (Ger)260
46Vechta Uni Fighter170
47Herford Stampede (No Show)070
48No Show070
Flag Football Big Bowl XI 2017 [Reference: 3]


DateHome TeamAway Team
28.05.2017Cophenhagen Barbarians14Boston Massflag33
3rd/4th Place
28.05.2017London Barbarians13Allerod Armadillos19
5th/6th Place
28.05.2017NP Flag33Novo Mesto Knights14
7th/8th Place
28.05.2017London Ex-Pads34Kirkcaldy Bulls20
9th/10th Place
28.05.2017Las Palmas Atlantic Devils 6Buttonhookers26
11th/12th Place
28.05.2017Walldorf Wanderers20Cophenhagen Scumbags0
13th/14th Place
28.05.2017Victoria Park Panthers14Dutch Lions32
15th/16th Place
28.05.2017London Rebels20Lille Capricornes32
28.05.2017London Barbarians7Cophenhagen Barbarians20
28.05.2017Boston Massflag28Allerod Armadillos14
5-8 Semi-Finals
28.05.2017NP Flag21London Ex-Pads19
28.05.2017Kirkcaldy Bulls7Nov Mesto Knights19
9-12 Semi-Finals
28.05.2017Walldorf Wanderers7Las Palmas Atlantic Devils13
28.05.2017Cophenhagen Scumbags0Buttonhookers34
13-16 Semi-Finals
28.05.2017London Rebels6Victoria Park Panthers7
28.05.2017Lille Capricornes12Dutch Lions32
28.05.2017London Barbarians20NP Flag12
28.05.2017London Ex-Pads6Cophenhagen Barbarians19
28.05.2017Kirkcaldy Bulls14Boston Massflag28
28.05.2017Novo Mesto Knights12Allerod Armadillos36
9-16 Quater-Finals
28.05.2017Walldorf Wanderers14London Rebels12
28.05.2017Victoria Park Panthers14Las Palmas Atlantic Devils25
28.05.2017Cophenhagen Scumbags19Lille Capricornes12
28.05.2017Buttonhookers46Dutch Lions40
28.05.2017Walldorf Wanderers7London Barbarians34
28.05.2017NP Flag27London Rebels7
28.05.2017London Ex-Pads21Victoria Park Panthers7
28.05.2017Cophenhagen Barbarians32Las Palmas Atlantic Devils7
28.05.2017Kirkcaldy Bulls21Cophenhagen Scumbags6
28.05.2017Boston Massflag26Lille Capricornes6
28.05.2017Buttonhookers8Novo Mesto Knights26
28.05.2017Allerod Armadillos26Dutch Lions6
Flag Football Big Bowl XI Sunday Brackets 2017 [Reference: 6]

Finals 17-24

DateHome TeamAway Team
17th-18th Place
28.05.2017Munich Spatzens20Kelkheim Lizzards29
19th-20th Place
28.05.2017Maichingen Mustangs14Ljubljana Killer Bees13
21st-22nd Place
28.05.2017Ilmenau Ilmroosters12Wiesbaden Phantoms21
23rd-24th Place
28.05.2017Esslingen Raccoons7Coventry19
17th-20th Place
28.05.2017Maichingen Mustangs31Munich Spatzen32
28.05.2017Kelkheim Lizzards35Ljubljana Killer Bees6
21st-24th Place
28.05.2017Esslingen Raccoons20Ilmenau Ilmroosters21
28.05.2017Wiesbaden Phantoms26Coventry25
17th-24th Place
28.05.2017Esslingen Raccoons6Maichingen Mustangs19
28.05.2017Kelkheim Lizzarda29Wiesbaden Phantoms7
28.05.2017Ilmenau Ilmroosters0Munich Spatzen19
28.05.2017Coventry12Ljubljana Killer Bees26
Flag Football Big Bowl XI Sunday Brackets 2017 [Reference: 6]

Finals 25-32

DateHome TeamAway Team
25th-26th Place
28.05.2017Augsburg Rooks0Scotland Chieftains13
27th-28th Place
28.05.2017Zyuzino Zombies18Northampton Stormer28
29th-30th Place
28.05.2017Lalo Greyhounds21Moscow Tough Nuts20
31st-32nd Place
28.05.2017Milicia Artur14Salzburg Flag Pack19
25th-28th Place
28.05.2017Zyuzino Zombies19Augsburg Rooks25
28.05.2017Northampton stormer0Scotland Chieftains30
29th-32nd Place
28.05.2017Milicia Artur0Lalo Greyhounds20
28.05.2017Salzburg Flag Pack6Moscow Tough Nuts26
25th-32nd Place
28.05.2017Zyuzino Zombies40Milicia Artur21
28.05.2017Salzburg Flag Pack6Northampton Stormer26
28.05.2017Lalo Greyhounds19Augsburg Rooks20
28.05.2017Scotland Chieftains18Moscow Tough Nuts14
Flag Football Big Bowl XI Sunday Brackets 2017 [Reference: 6]

Finals 33-40

DateHome TeamAway Team
33rd-34th Place
28.05.2017Uni Wurzburg19Cophenhagen Tomahawks20
35th-36th Place
28.05.2017Kaizen Flag21Purple Flags11
37th-38th Place
28.05.2017NuOla Lumberjacks13Mainz Legionaires12
39th-40th Place
28.05.2017Paris Taureaux19Bad Homburg Sentiflags21
33rd-36th Place
28.05.2017Uni Wurzburg27Kaizen Flag7
28.05.2017Cophenhagen Tomahawks26Purple Flags21
37th-40th Place
28.05.2017NuOla Lumberjacks19Paris Taureaux6
28.05.2017Mainz Legionaires33Bad Homburg SentiFlags0
33rd-40th Place
28.05.2017NuOla Lumberjacks0Uni Wurzburg26
28.05.2017Cophenhagen Tomahawks14Mainz Legionaires7
28.05.2017Paris Taureaux13Kaizen Flag18
28.05.2017Bad Homburg Sentiflags13Purple Flags19
Flag Football Big Bowl XI Sunday Brackets 2017 [Reference: 6]

Finals 41-48

DateHome TeamAway Team
41st-42nd Place
28.05.2017Duisberg Steinfire32Dortmund Devils7
43rd-44th Place
28.05.2017Alphen Pink Bulls20No Show0 #
45th-46th Place
28.05.2017Universitat Trier20No Show0 #
47th-48th Place
28.05.2017Badener Greifs20Vechta Uni Fighers0 #
41st-44th Place
28.05.2017Duisberg Steinfire20Vechta Uni Fighters0 #
28.05.2017Aplhen Pinkbulls24Dortmund Devils26
45th-48th Place
28.05.2017No Show 0 #No Show0 #
28.05.2017Universtitat Trier27Badener Greifs0
28.05.2017Vechta Uni Fighters0No Show0 #
28.05.2017Alphen Pinkbulls13Universitat Trier12
28.05.2017Duisberg Steinfire20No Show0 #
28.05.2017Badener Greifs6Dortmund Devils20
Flag Football Big Bowl XI Sunday Brackets 2017 [Reference: 6]

Group Standings and Results (27.05.2017)

#Big Bowl XI#2#3#4#5#6WLTPFPA
AGruppe AA2A3A4A5A6
A1Walldorf Wanderers33-2040-1834-627-720-050015451
A2Cophenhagen Scumbags19-625-027-720-041011146
A3Esslingen Raccoons12-67-620-03206371
A4Milicia Artur25-1920-02305790
A5NuOla Lumberjacks20-01405982
A6Herford Stampede0500100
BGruppe BB2B3B4B5B6
B1NP Flag36-1227-827-635-752-050017733
B2Lille Capricornes31-2730-2218-1332-19410123117
B3Kelkheim Lizzards33-1235-626-032012976
B4Northampton Stormer13-1219-023072102
B5Cophenhagen Tomahawks12-614050107
B6Trier Universitat05025141
CGruppe CC2C3C4C4C5
C1London Ex-Pads24-2034-1928-720-620-050012652
C2Novo Mesto Knights20-014-1918-1220-03209255
C3Ilmenau Ilmroosters21-729-620-03208967
C4Augsburg Rooks20-720-03207370
C5Paris Taureaux20-01405187
C6…No Show0500100
DGruppe DD2D3D4D5D6
D1Cophenhagen Barbarians20-613-2028-627-1929-041011751
D2Dutch Lions47-1927-641-926-1941014773
D4Moscow Tough Nuts35-719-2723097108
D5Bad Homburg SentiFlags26-1313180135
D6Dortmund Devils14073121
EGruppe EE2E2E4E5E6
E1Kirkcaldy Bulls13-614-2626-1427-728-641010859
E2London Barbarians26-612-621-635-041010031
E3Maichingen Mustangs26-1212-1427-73209773
E4Zyuzino Zombies18-1227-02307776
E5Wurzburg Uni6-02304578
E6Vechta Uni Fighters05013123
FGruppe FF2F3F4F5F6
F1Boston MassFlag26-1341-1234-026-041-050016825
F2London Rebels19-1934-025-1444-631113565
F3Weisbaden Phantoms19-1914-033-72129786
F4Salzburg Flag Pack20-2020-1312259120
F5Mainz Legionaires25-1613159101
F6Alphen Pinkbulls05042163
GGruppe GG2G3G4G5G6
G2Victoria Park Panthers13-1226-2419-1314-64107257
G3Munich Spatzen21-1921-1313-123208683
G4Lalo Greyhounds14-1313-02307061
G5Kaizen Flag20-01407893
G6Duisburg Steinfire05018101
HGruppe HH2H3H4H5H6
H1Allerod Armadillos28-2529-2034-626-028-650015253
H2Las Palmas Atlantic Devils12-714-631-1918-041010060
H3Ljubljana Killer Bees18-641-2032-732011874
H4Scotland Chieftains26-628-62307278
H5Frankfurt Purple Flags24-714069131
H6Badener Greifs05022137
Flag Football Big Bowl XI Saturday Results 2017 [Reference: 5]


Sean Douglas of Dublin Bay Raptors and Ireland played for NP Flag from Pennsylvania in the Big Bowl XI 2017 in Walldorf Germany, where they finished 5th out of 48 in the Mixed Competition. NP Flag won all five of their group games before defeating LondoN rebels 27-7 in the Last 16 and then losing to London Barbarians 12-20 in the Quater-Finals. After two more wins (21-19 over London Ex-Pads and 33-14 Novo Mesto Knights) they finished fifth. The overall winners were Boston MassFlag who defeated Cophenhagen 33-14 in the Final.

NP Flag at Big Bowl XI Video

NP Flag From Pennsylvania at Big Bowl XI 2017 in Walldorf Germany – Sean Douglas in Number 7 in the Picture [Reference: 2]


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Thanks to Sean Douglas (NP Flag Big Bowl 2017 and Dublin Bay Raptors)

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