Ukrainian League of American Football 1999

Final Four Standings

Ukraine Final Four 1999PWLTPFPAPts
Donetsk Scythians (S)87011471623
Kharkov Atlantes (S)85211256919
Kiev Cheetahs (P)84401039916
Kiev Destroyers (P)82607715012
Ukraine American Football League Final Four 1999 [Reference: 1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
3rd Place Playoff
1999Kiev Cheetahs28Kiev Destroyers21
Ukraine Super Bowl VI
1999Donetsk Scythians22Kharkov Atlantes20
Ukraine American Football League Playoffs 1999 [Reference: 1]

Final Four Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 7
1999Kharkov Atlantes30Kiev Destroyers7
1999Kiev Cheetahs8Donetsk Scythians14
Week 8
1999Kharkov Atlantes17Kiev Cheetahs12
1999Kiev Destroyers0Donetsk Scythians7
Week 9
1999Kiev Cheetahs8Kharkov Atlantes0
1999Donetsk Scythians24Kiev Destroyers0
Week 10
1999Kiev Destroyers7Kharkov Atlantes29
1999Donetsk Scythians32Kiev Cheetahs8
Ukraine American Football League Final Four Results 1999 [Reference: 1]

Stage 1 Standings

Ukraine AFL 1999PWLTPFPAPts
Donetsk Scythians (F)430170011
Kharkov Atlantes (F)421149359
Donetsk Eagles404012964
Kiev Cheetahs (F)4310673610
Kiev Destroyers (F)422063608
Vinnitsa Wolves413051856
Ukraine American Football League Stage 1 Standings 1999 [Reference: 1]

Stage 1 Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
1999Donetsk Scythians39Donetsk Eagles0
1999Vinnitsa Wolves0Kiev Cheetahs24
Week 2
1999Donetsk Eagles12Kharkov Atlantes14
1999Kiev Cheetahs22Kiev Destroyers15
Week 3
1999Donetsk Scythians23Kharkov Atlantes0
1999Kiev Destroyers20Vinnitsa Wolves26
Week 4
1999Kharkov Atlantes25Donetsk Scythians0
1999Kiev Cheetahs21Vinnitsa Wolves13
Week 5
1999Donetsk Eagles0Donetsk Scythians8
1999Vinnitsa Wolves12Kiev Destroyers20
Week 6
1999Kharkov Atlantes0Donetsk Scythians0
1999Kiev Destroyers8Kiev Cheetahs0
Ukraine American Football League Stage 1 Results 1999 [Reference: 1]

Legend: (S) Qualify for Ukraine Super Bowl VI (P) Qualify for 3rd Place Playoff (F) Qualify for Final Four. 2 Pts Win. 1 Pt Tie. 0 Pts Loss. 1 Pt per Match Played.


Donetsk Scythians defeated the Kharkov Atlantes 22-20 in the Ukraine Super Bowl VI after finishing the season with 7 wins and one tie in their eight matches. Khzarkov Atlantes were the only team to take a point off them in the entire season, finishing on 5 wins 2 losses and one tie, with both losses coming against the Scythians. Kharkov Atlantes are named after the Atlantic Ocean, which is in itself named after Atlantis, what some archeologists believe may be the Tin Mining Regions of Ireland and Cornwall, known to the ancient Greeks. It is keeping with other teams in the early years of Ukraine American Football League being named after Ancient Peoples or Cultures, namely the Donetsk Scythians. The name Atlantic Isles is also used instead of the British Isles. [Reference: 2-3].

About Ukrainian American Football League

The Ukrainian American Football League started in the first few years after independence from the USSR in the early 1990s.



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