Supreme Indoor Football 2017

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SIF 2018

*Triangle Torch66001.000
*Cape Fear Heroes6420.667
Cap City Bulls6150.167
Greenville Dragons6060.000
Supreme Indoor Football Standings 2017 [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
SIF Championship
24/06.2017Triangle TorchCape Fear Heroes
SIF Championship Game 2017 [Reference: 2]


Supreme Indoor Football was an Indoor American Football League, based primarily in the Carolinas, in the American South. It played one season. It could be considered a follow-on from the X-League Indoor Football (see: ) and was replaced by the American Arena League. Cape Fear Heroes (Fayetteville, NC) were in all three leagues.

About Indoor Football

Indoor Football, also known as Arena Football was developed in 1986 as an 8v8 form of Indoor American Football. After an initial few seasons where the game was developed with a 4 team league, a full seasons League with eventually over a dozen teams was developed in the 1990 which was considered by the Wall Street Journal to be a fifth major.

The Arena Football League over-expanded in the 2000s with a Minor League, and its importance (and number of teams) waned since it first experienced financial diffulties  in 2009, and it ceased operations after the 2019 season due to the legacy debt incurred.

There is now, however, Indoor Football Leagues all over America, all of which would now be considered Minor League or Semi-Pro (AAA, AA, or even A)

Indoor Football is played on a 50-yard field with two 8-yard endzones, and teams have 5 downs (attempts) to reach the endzone or the ball is turned over. 3 of those downs must be passing plays, making Indoor Football highly explosive and high scoring.


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