SAFV Swiss American Football Federation Nationalliga A 1986-1990

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SAFV Meisterschaft 1986

*Lugano Seagulls660027161.000
*Zurich Bay Bandits642011595.667
Bienna Jets624092109.333
Muralto Unicorns606014282.000
*Zurich Renegades650111430.917
*St. Gallen Raiders63129243.667
Basilisk Mean Machine623110049.417
Bulach Giants60608192.000
SAFV Nationalliga A Standings 1986 [Ref: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
22.06.1986Lugano Seagulls18St. Gallen Raiders12
22.06.1986Zurich Renegades34Bienna Jets0
3rd Place
29.06.1986St. Gallen Raiders28Bienna Jets8
29.06.1986Lugano Seagulls9Zurich Renegades6
SAFV Nationalliga A Playoffs 1986 [Ref: 2]

SAFV Meisterschaft 1987

*Lugano Seagulls871030419.875
*Zurich Renegades871021315.875
Bulach Giants8350102126.375
Zurich Bay Bandits (R)826069184.250
Aarau Outlaws (R)817023367.125
*Bienna Jets8800264421.000
*St. Gallen Raiders853014392.625
Basilisk Mean Machine8530154122.625
Berner Grizzlies (R)817050172.125
Mendrisio Smugglers (R)817048231.125
SAFV Nationalliga A Standings 1987 [Ref: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
05.07.1987Zurich Renegades42Basilisk Mean Machine6
05.07.1987Bienna Jets6Lugano Seagulls8
3rd Place
12.07.1987Bienna Jets36Basilisk Mean Machine6
12.07.1987Zurich Renegades8Lugano Seagulls0
SAFV Nationalliga A Playoffs 1987 [Ref: 3]


*Bienna Jets7700185651.000
*St. Gallen Raiders752011491.714
*Basilisk Mean Machine853015395.625
*Zurich Renegades817099175.125
Bulach Giants (R)817052177.125
SAFV Nationalliga A Standings 1988 [Ref: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
02.10.1988Bienna Jets38Basilisk Mean Machine36
02.10.1988St. Gallen Raiders18Zurich Renegades12
09.10.1988Bienna Jets18Zurich Renegades14
09.10.1988St. Gallen Raiders6Basilisk Mean Machine28
16.10.1988Bienna Jets34St. Gallen Raiders0
16.10.1988Basilisk Mean Machine7Zurich Renegades24
3rd Place
30.10.1988St. Gallen Raiders20Basilisk Mean Machine8
Swiss Super Bowl ’88
30.10.1988Bienna Jets6Zurich Renegades14
SAFV Nationalliga A Playoffs 1988 [Ref: 4]


*Basilisk Mean Machine10820279124.800
*Berner Grizzlies10820248120.800
*Mendrisio Smugglers10730249138.700
*Zurich Renegades1046095159.400
St. Gallen Raiders1027197221.250
Bienna Jets (R)1009162268.050
SAFV Nationalliga A Standings 1989 [Ref: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
20.08.1989Basilisk Mean Machine8St. Gallen Raiders0
20.08.1989Berner Grizzlies27Mendrisio Smugglers26
27.08.1989Basilisk Mean Machine14Mendrisio Smugglers0
27.08.1989Berner Grizzlies6St. Gallen Raiders16
03.09.1989Basilisk Mean Machine14Berner Grizzlies6
03.09.1989Mendrisio Smugglers44St. Gallen Raiders0
3rd Place
10.09.1989Mendrisio Smugglers13St. Gallen Raiders6
Swiss Super Bowl ’89
10.09.1989Basilisk Mean Machine22St. Gallen Raiders35
SAFV Nationalliga A Playoffs 1989 [Ref: 5]


*Bulach Giants6600147521.000
*Geneva Seahawks651013450.833
*Basilisk Mean Machine642015065.667
*St. Gallen Raiders642014662.667
Bienna Jets63308087.500
Zurich Bay Bandits (R)6150100114.167
Mendrisio Smugglers (R)615050215.167
Berner Grizzlies (R)606034196.000
SAFV Nationalliga A Standings 1990 [Ref: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
24.06.1990Bulach Giants36Basilisk Mean Machine8
24.06.1990Geneva Seahawks9St. Gallen Raiders7
08.07.1990Bulach Giants23Geneva Seahawks14
08.07.1990Basilisk Mean Machine8St. Gallen Raiders14
15.07.1990Bulach Giants7St. Gallen Raiders44
15.07.1990Geneva Seahawks34Basilisk Mean Machine0
3rd Place
02.09.1990Geneva Seahawks0Basilisk Mean Machine46
Swiss Super Bowl ’90
02.09.1990St. Gallen Raiders36Bulach Giants0
SAFV Nationalliga A Playoffs 1990 [Ref: 6]

Legend: Ost = East, West = West. (R) To Relegation / Promotion Playoff with Champions of Nationalliga B


The Swiss American Football Federation (SAFV / Schweizerischer American Football Verband / Federation Suisse de Football Americain / Federazione Svizzera Football Americano) was established in 1986.

The first Championship (Meisterschaft) featured 8 teams in two divisons, Ost (East) and West, with Lugano Seagulls defeating Zurich Renegades 9-6 in the Final. Two new teams were added in 1987, and Zurich Renegades got their revenge, defeating Lugano Seagulls 8-0 in the Final.

The Nationalliga was split into two Leagues A and B for 1988, with Zurich Renegades repeating as Champions, winning the Swiss Super Bowl, as it was now known 14-8 against Bienna Jets. 1989 was the first year there was no Zurich Renegades in the Swiss Super Bowl, as St. Gallen Raiders defeated Basilisk Mean Machine 35-22. St. Gallen were the champions again in 1990, beating Bulach Giants 36-0 in Swiss Super Bowl ’90.


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