Regional Football League 1999

Regional Football League Logo [Ref: 5]


*Mobile Admirals862018098.750
*Houston Outlaws862014882.750
*Mississippi Pride8440150177.500
*Ohio Cannon8350104111.375
Shreveport Southern Knights8350138123.375
New Orleans Thunder826082198.250
Regional Football League Standings 1999 [Ref: 1]

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Playoffs 1st Round
12.06.1999Mobile Admirals35Ohio Cannon14
12.06.1999Houston outlaws27Mississippi Pride3
RFL Bowl I
19.06.1999Mobile Admirals14Houston Outlaws12
Regional Football League Playoffs 1999 [Ref: 2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
17.04.1999Shreveport Southern Knights40Mississippi Pride0
18.04.1999Ohio Cannon17Houston Outlaws18
18.04.1999New Orleans Thunder14Mobile Admirals42
Week 2
24.04.1999Mobile Admirals15Shreveport Southern Knights7
24.04.1999Mississippi Pride5Houston Outlaws28
25.04.1999Ohio Cannon34New Orleans Thunder0
Week 3
01.05.1999Mobile Admirals10Houston Outlaws7
01.05.1999Shreveport Southern Knights29Ohio Cannon13
02.05.1999New Orleans Thunder14Mississippi Pride30
Week 4
08.05.1999Mobile Admirals23New Orleans Thunder6
08.05.1999Shreveport Southern Knights14Houston Outlaws17
08.05.1999Mississippi Pride20Ohio Cannon17
Week 5
15.05.1999Mobile Admirals36Mississippi Pride13
15.05.1999Houston Outlaws27Ohio Cannon3
16.05.1999New Orleans Thunder14Shreveport Southern Knights31
Week 6
22.05.1999Houston Outlaws31New Orleans Thunder12
22.05.1999Mississippi Pride35Shreveport Southern Knights10
22.05.1999Ohio Cannon20Mobile Admirals17
Week 7
29.05.1999Mississippi Pride28Mobile Admirals20
30.05.1999Houston Outlaws17Shreveport Southern Knights7
New Orleans Thunder10Ohio Cannon0 #
Week 8
05.06.1999Mobile Admirals14Houston Outlaws3
05.06.1999Mississippi Pride7New Orleans Thunder12
Ohio Cannon10Shreveport Southern Knights0 #
Regional Football League Regular Season Results 1999 [Ref: 2]

Preseason Standings

Mobile Admirals220062241.000
Shreveport Southern Knights220044271.000
Houston Outlaws21103020.500
Mississippi Pride21102526.500
Ohio Cannon20203862.000
New Orleans Thunder20201241.000
Regional Football League Preseason Standings 1999 [Ref: compiled from results in 2]

Preseason Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
PS Week 1
03.04.1999Houston Outlaws20Mississippi Pride0
03.04.1999Ohio Cannon17Mobile Admirals34
03.04.1999New Orleans Thunder6Shreveport Southern Knights16
PS Week 2
10.04.1999Mobile Admirals20Houston Outlaws10
10.04.1999Mississippi Pride25New Orleans Thunder6
10.04.1999Shreveport Southern Knights28Ohio Cannon21
Regional Football League Preseason Results 1999 [Ref: 2]


The Regional Football League styled itself as the Spring Development League of America (NFL Europe was the Official Development League of the NFL with 6 teams in Europe only). It had 5 teams placed in the Southern United States and one in Toledo, Ohio.

The Mobile Admirals (Alabama) won the Championship in the League’s only season, defeating Houston Outlaws 14-12. One team, the Ohio Cannon only played in seven regular season matches, but were still allowed to compete in the Playoffs as the Shrevport Southern Knights, their only rival for the fourth playoff sport forfeited their last match with the Cannon..

Other teams were Shreveport Southern Knights, New Orleans Thunder and Mississippi Pride. The League had no TV coverage, no outstanding players and little press or radio coverage. [Ref: 3] The International Football League of 2000 replaced it as the AAA Spring League in the USA. (see XFL Football Leagues Era (1990-2020) for more on AAA Spring Leagues in the USA from 1990-2020).

Shreveport Southern Knights in action [Ref: 4]



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