Quidditch Ireland Irish Quidditch Cup 2019

Club Tournament

Former Dragons220026030
Dublin Draiochta Dragons211020070
Team 1 Team 2 
Dublin Draiochta Dragons170Banshees0
Dublin Draiochta Dragons30Former Dragons70
Former Dragons190Banshees0

Note 1: Banshees were a combined Limerick Lycans & Mid-Leinster Moontrimmers team.

Note 2: Dublin Draiochta Dragons qualify for European Quidditch Cup.

Fantasy Tournament

Northern Icebergs2200220120
Bolting Brooms2110200230
Killer Chimeras2020120190
Team 1 Team 2 
Northern Icebergs80Killer Chimeras30
Bolting Brooms110Killer Chimeras90
Northern Icebergs140Bolting Brooms90


Social Media

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