Ireland Lacrosse Men's Newtownards Cup 2014-15

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Final Table

UCD A4400268016
Dublin Bay Prawns43012411012
Dublin Avengers4202172219
NUI Galway410392115
UCD B400441811

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DateTeam 1 Team 2 
 Gameday 1 NUI Galway 
15.11.14Dublin Bay Prawns8Dublin Avengers4
15.11.14NUI Galway3UCD B0
15.11.14Dublin Avengers5UCD A8
15.11.14Dublin Bay Prawns5UCD B1
15.11.14UCD A7NUI Galway2
 Gameday 2 Newtownards 
30.11.14Dublin Avengers4UCD B3
30.11.14Dublin Bay Prawns10NUI Galway1
30.11.14UCD A6UCD B0
30.11.14Dublin Avengers4NUI Galway3
30.11.14UCD A5Dublin Bay Prawns1



The Newtownards Cup is the main Cup competition of Ireland Lacrosse, run as both a Men’s and Women’s knockout competition in tandem with Irishh Lacrosse League matches from its inception in the 2010-11 season until 2013-14 when it became a pre-season mini-league run prior to Christmas in order to give rookies an introduction to Lacrosse. It was an eight-a-side competition from 2010-2013 as opposed to 10-a-side for regular Men’s Lacrosse and 12-a-side for Regular Women’s Lacrosse. In 2013-14 it became regular 10-a-side matches [1][3] The Games consisted of 2 twenty-minute halves with the final being 4 fifteen-minute quarters.[1]


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Thanks to Brian Bird & Cillian Murphy (Ireland Lacrosse Commissioner)

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