Ireland Lacrosse Men's Newtownards Cup 2012-13

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DateTeam 1 Team 2 
09.04.13Dublin Avengers14NUI Galway5
09.04.13Dublin Bay Prawns6UCD4
28.04.13Dublin Avengers5Dublin Bay Prawns2



The Newtownards Cup is the main Cup competition of Ireland Lacrosse, run as both a Men’s and Women’s knockout competition in tandem with Irishh Lacrosse League matches from its inception in the 2010-11 season until 2013-14 when it became a pre-season mini-league run prior to Christmas in order to give rookies an introduction to Lacrosse. It was an eight-a-side competition from 2010-2013 as opposed to 10-a-side for regular Men’s Lacrosse and 12-a-side for Regular Women’s Lacrosse. In 2013-14 it became regular 10-a-side matches [1][3] The Games consisted of 2 twenty-minute halves with the final being 4 fifteen-minute quarters.[1]


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Thanks to Brian Bird & Cillian Murphy (Ireland Lacrosse Commissioner)

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