International Rules Rounders-Softball | Club Internationals 1982

Results (Ireland)

DateRounders TeamSoftball Team
Softball Game
31.05.82Lakelands GAA (Dublin)3Leinster Softball24
Rounders Game
31.05.82Lakelands GAA (Dublin)5Leinster Softball13

Reference: [1]

Results (America)

DateRounders TeamSoftball Team
Boys Softball Game
04.82Skryne GAA (Meath)8Annunciation School Haverstown8
Girls Softball Game
04.82Skryne GAA (Meath)7Annunciation School Haverstown3
Boys Softball Game
16.04.82Skryne GAA (Meath)11Brookline Civic 2
Girls Softball Game
16.04.82Skryne GAA (Meath)5Brookline Civic5
Rounders Game
16.04.82Skryne GAA (Meath)11Brookline Civic11

Reference: [2]


Rounders & Softball games were arranged between Lakelands GAA of Stillorgan in Dublin and a team of International Softball Players from America & Japan (undoubtedly from the Leinster Softball League which started up in 1982 involving 3 American Teams, 1 Japanese and 1 Irish).

The first match, played under Softball Rules ended 24-3 to the Internationals, the second game, under Rounders rules was more competitive, with the Internationals winning again 13-5.

Skryne GAA also made a trip to the USA in April, where the boys and girls played Softball matches against local schools – the Skryne boys and girls both winning one mmatch and drawing another. The Brookline coach requested a game of Rounders after their Softball games, which ended 11-all.



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Note: Past editions of the Evening Herald & Meath Chronicle are available to view at the Irish Newspaper Archive: which is a subscription service.


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