International Rules Hurlacrosse Club Internationals 2009-2018

Hurlacrosse Club Internationals 2009-2018

DateHurling TeamLacrosse Team
03.12.09QUB Hurling5QUB Lacrosse5
25.09.17Darmstadt GAA Hurling5-16 (31)Darmstadt Demons Lacrosse11-3 (36)
2017Darmstadt GAA HurlingDarmatadt Demons Lacrosse
08.10.18Darmstadt GAA HurlingDarmstadt Demons Lacrosse
03.11.18Orange County Wild GeeseTeam Eire Lacrosse


The first Hurlacrosse International Rules Hurling v Lacrosse match took place in 2009 in Queen’s University Belfast between the QUB Hurling and Lacrosse Clubs. With a vague set of rules, the match finished 5-5 with a last minute equaliser for the Hurlers.

In 2017 the Darmstadt GAA and Lacrosse Clubs in Germany started a biannual series with the first set of rules drawn up. The first match finished with a Darmstadt Demons Lacrosse team win of 33 points to 31 (3pts for a goal; 1 for a point).

In 2018 the first Hurlacrosse match was organised in North America, between the GAA Club based in Orange County, California and a Team Eire (Irish-American Lacrosse players).


A Full Set of Rules, drawn up by Darmstadt GAA and Lacrosse clubs is available here:

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