European Super League 2019

European Super League Logo [Reference: 1]
European Super League Logo [Reference: 1]

Final Standings

Topliga 2019PWLTPFPAPtsPct
*Warsaw Eagles660028816121.000
*Bydgoszcz Archers65102163310.833
*Vilnius Iron Wolves642094818.667
Krakow Tigers6240722004.333
Kaunas Dukes6150592532.167
Zabki Dukes6060442580.000
EESL 2019
*Moscow Spartans65101821910.833
*St. Petersburg North Legion6510946510.833
Minsk Litvins6150931842.167
St. Petersburg Griffins6150451462.167
European Super League 2019 [Reference: 1]

Topliga Playoffs

DateHomeTeamAway Team
06.07.2019Bydgoszcz ArchersVilnius Iron Wolves
20.07.2019Warsaw Eagles20Bydgoszcz Archers0
European Super League Topliga Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 2]

EESL Playoffs

DateHome TeamAway Team
3rd Place Playoff
13.07.2019St. Petersburg Griffins36Minsk Litvins20
13.07.2019St. Petersburg North Legion16Moscow Spartans42
European Super League EESL Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 2]

Topliga-EESL Final

DateHomeTeamAway Team
27.07.2019Moscow SpartansWarsaw Eagles
European Super League Topliga-Eastern European Super League Playoffs 2019 [Reference: 2]

Topliga Regular Season

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
06.04.2019Krakow Tigers0Warsaw Eagles49
07.04.2019Kaunas Dukes18Vilnius Iron Wolves46
Week 2
14.04.2019Krakow Tigers0Bydgoszcz Archers51
Week 3
27.04.2019Vilnius Iron Wolves0Warsaw Eagles38
27.04.2019Bydgoszcz Archers47Kaunas Dukes0
Week 4
04.05.2019Krakow Tigers6Vilnius Iron Wolves42
04.05.2019Bydgoszcz Archers50Zabki Dukes0
Week 5
11.05.2019Kaunas Dukes0Warsaw Eagles75
Week 6
18.05.2019Warsaw Eagles30Bydgoszcz Archers16
18.05.2019Zabki Dukes0Vilnius Iron Wolves47
Week 7
01.06.2019Bydgoszcz Archers20Krakow Tigers0
02.06.2019Kaunas Dukes41Zabki Dukes6
Week 8
08.06.2019Warsaw Eagles42Kaunas Dukes0
09.06.2019Krakow Tigers32Zabki Dukes6
Week 9
15.06.2019Vilnius Iron Wolves3Bydgoszcz Archers32
15.06.2019Zabki Dukes0Warsaw Eagles54
Week 10
22.06.2019Vilnius Iron Wolves37Kaunas Dukes0
22.06.2019Zabki Dukes32Krakow Tigers34
European Super League Topliga Regular Season 2019 [Reference: 2]

EESL Regular Season

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 2
13.04.2019Minsk Litvins21St. Petersburg North Legion27
Week 3
20.04.2019Moscow Spartans19St. Petersburg Griffins6
Week 5
04.05.2019Moscow Spartans21St. Petersburg North Legion0
05.05.2019St. Petersburg Griffins0Minsk Litvins40
Week 6
12.05.2019Minsk Litvins0Moscow Spartans44
Week 7
18.05.2019St. Petersburg North Legion18St. Petersburg Griffins0
Week 8
01.06.2019St. Petersburg Griffins7St. Petersburg North Legion10
01.06.2019Moscow Spartans54Minsk Litvins0
Week 10
15.06.2019Minsk Litvins18St. Petersburg Griffins26
15.06.2019St. Petersburg North Legion7Moscow Spartans2
Week 12
29.06.2019St. Petersburg Griffins 6Moscow Spartans42
29.06.2019St. Petersburg North Legion33Minsk Litvins14
European Super League – East European Super League Regular Season 2019 [Reference: 2]


The European Super League was an American Football League featuring four teams from Poland and two from Lithuania in the Topliga and three from Russia and one from Belarusin the East European Super League, that followed on from the Central European Football League (2006-2016) and the Amsterdam Crusaders (International-only schedule 2018) as the top level European American Football League played on a weekly basis in two or more countries.

The two Divisions (or Leagues) played separate schedules until the Final. Topliga Champions were Warsaw Eagles who defeated Bydgoszcz Archers, both Poland, 20-0 in the Topliga Final. Lithuania’s Vilnius Iron Wolves were defeated in the Semi-Final. East European Super League Champions were Moscow Spartans who had a surprisingly easy 42-16 victory over St. Petersburg North Legion in the EESL Final. There were plans for a European Super League Topliga – East European Super League Final between the Warsaw Eagles and EESL Champions Moscow Spartans but it appears to have not taken place.



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