Anthracite Football League 1923-1924

AFL 1923

*Coaldale Big Green75202520.714
Gilberton Catamounts74303443.571
Pottsville Maroons73319735.500
Shenandoah Yellowjackets73312426.500
Mount Carmel4040056.000
Anthracite Football League Standings 1923 [Reference: 2]

AFL 1924

*Pottsville Maroons76017871.000
Shenandoah Yellowjackets63302730.500
Gilberton Catamounts62313632.400
Coaldale Big Green82513661.286
Wilkes-Barre Panthers3021754.000
Totals incl. Exhibition*
Pottsville Maroons141211
Shenandoah Yellowjackets8440
Coaldale Big Green10460
Wilkes-Barre Barons1010
Anthracite Football League Standings 1924 [Reference: 1-2]

*Includes results of matches against non-league opponents.


The Antracite Football league was set up in 1923 among the Coal-Mining Communities of Pennsylvania and Upsate New York. It was a reaction against the spiralling costs of running a team in the National Football League and the glamour associated with it, which was seen by many as taking away from what was a hard-working class game.

Many of the owners, such as James “Casey” Gildea of the Coaldale Big Green and Joe Keating, James Rafferty & T. Conner of Gilberton had both Irish Christian Names & Family Names, suggesting a strong Irish connection with the League, which was promoted by the Pottsville Republican newspaper as being Football in connection with its roots.

By the end of the year, though, teams were outbidding each other for players and the League began to rival the NFL, ending what was a unique development at the time. [1]



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