AA Arena / Indoor Football Leagues 2019

National Arena League Logo [6]

National Arena League 2019

Jacksonville Sharks141310800475.929
Carolina Cobras14950674433.643
Massachusetts Pirate14860677660.571
Columbus Lions14680646673.429
New York Streets144100610724.286
Orlando Predators142120398840.143

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Champions Indoor Football Logo [5]

Champions Indoor Football 2019

*Salina Liberty14950682603.643
Omaha Beef13850578503.615
Sioux City Bandits12750692592.583
Wichita Force122100380663.167
*Duke City Gladiators141130830468.786
*Amarillo Venom13850756720.615
Texas Revolution9450269253.444
Oklahoma Flying Aces122100457630.167
NTX Savages303028241.000

Reference: [4] Note: Playoff Results counted in Standings. Note 2: Texas Revolution folded after 6 weeks – remaining 4 home games awarded 2-0 to opponents # and 3 remaining road games replaced by the NTX Savages.

DateHome TeamAway Team
29.06.2019Salina Liberty44Omaha Beef42
29.06.2019Duke City Gladiators70Amarillo Venom62
CIF Champions Bowl V
13.07.2019Duke City Gladiators35Salina Liberty29

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Indoor Football League Alternate Logo (2009-2019) [4]

Indoor Football League 2019

*Arizona Rattlers1414008795101.000
*Iowa Barnstormers141220716522.857
*Sioux Falls Storm141130738589.786
*Green Bay Blizzard14950590521.643
*Nebraska Danger14770714656.500
*Tucson Sugar Skulls14770728705.500
Quad Cities Steamwheelers14680709650.429
Bismarck Bucks142120474751.143
Cedar Rapids River Kings141130413730.071
San Diego Strike Force141130524871.071

Reference: [7]

DateHome TeamAway Team
1st Round Playoffs
21.06.2019Green Bay Blizzard40Nebraska Dangers45
23.06.2019Sioux Falls Storm50Tucson Sugar Skulls47
United Conference Championship
29.06.2019Iowa Barnstormers50Sioux Falls Storm52
Intense Conference Championship
29.06.2019Arizona Rattlers62Nebraska Danger45
United Bowl Championship Game
13.07.2019Arizona Rattlers53Sioux Falls Storm56

Reference: [8]

American West Football Conference 2019

Idaho Horsemen1212005973311.000
Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks12660461381.500
Reno Express12660339396.500
Tri-Cities Fire120120303592.000

Reference: [10]

DateHome TeamAway Team
14.07.2019Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks27Reno Express28
AWFC Championship
28.07.2019Idaho Horsemen40Reno Express20

Reference: [11]

Report on the NAL 2019 Season

Jacksonville Sharks won the 2019 NAL Championship with a 13-1 record (there were no playoffs), ahead of the Carolina Cobras (9-5) and the Massachusetts Pirate (8-6). Columbus Lions (6-8), New York Streets (4-10) and former AAA Arena Football League team Orlando Predators (2-12) made up the bottom half of the six team league.

Report on the CIF 2019 Season

The Duke City Gladiators won the 2019 CIF Champions Bowl 35-29 against Salina Liberty after posting an 9-3 regular season record. Salina Liberty (8-4), Omaha Beef (8-4) and Amarillo Venom (8-4) also qualified for the Playoffs. Texas Revolution folded after 5 games and were replaced for the reamaining 3 away fixtures by NTX Savages. Oklahoma Flying Aces posted a 2-10 record and Sioux City Bandits (7-5) and Wichita Force (2-10) failed to make the Playoffs in the Northern Division.

Report on IFL 2019 Season

Sioux Falls Storm shocked the previously unbeaten Arizona Rattlers 56-53 in the United Bowl to win their 10th United Bowl, extending their record.

Arizona had finished 14-0 in Regular Season play, and Iowa Barnstormers 12-2 in second. Sioux Falls beat both of these one-time AAA Arena Football League teams on the way to the title after winning against Tucson Sugar Skulls (50-47) in the First Round Playoffs.

The United Conference Championship game was also extremely close, with the Storm beating Nebraska Danger 52-50. In the Intense Conference Championship Arizona Rattlers had beaten Nebraska Danger 62-45. Nebraska had earlier beaten Green Bay Blizzard 45-40 in the Playoffs.

Six of the 10 teams made the playoffs, with Quad Cities Steamwheelers just missing out of a spot in the post-season with a 6-8 record. Bismarck Bucks (2-12), Cedar Rapids River Kings (1-13) and San Diego Strike Force (1-13) won a total of 4 games between them.

Report on AWFC 2019 Season

Idaho horsemen went through the Inaugural AWFC season undefeated, winning all 12 regular season games and defeating Reno Express 40-20 in the Final. Reno Express and Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks had both qualified for the playoffs with a 6-6 record. Tri-Cities Fire, based in Washington State, lost all 12 games, finishing bottom of the four team league.

About the NAL

The National Arena League is a AA American Football League on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, playing the Arena version of the 8 v 8 Indoor game.

About the CIF

The Champions Indoor Football is a AA (Third Level) American Football League based primarily in the Southwestern States of the USA and Prairie States of the Mid-West.

About the IFL

The Indoor Football League is a AA American Football League played Reduced Numbers (8v8) Arena Football in the Western MidWest & American Southwest.

About the AWFC

The American West Football Conference is a AA Indoor American Football League which started playing in the American Northwest in 2019 to fill in the gap in Professional Indoor Football League on the West Coast (San Diego, Arizona & Oakland have teams in the Indoor Football League but that is primarily a Mid-West League).

About AA American Football

AA American Football is the 3rd Level of Professional American Football. Since 2000 it has been exclusively Arena / Indoor Football Leagues, playing 8v8 Football. The AA Football Map is divided into 4 regions since the 1930s and in 2019 it consisted of the National Arena League (East), Champions Indoor Football (South & Prairie States), Indoor Football League (Mid-West & Southwest) and in 2019 the American West Football Conference (Northwest) became the fourth regional AA Arena / Indoor Football League in the United States, replacing the American Arena League which had lasted one season on the East Coast.

About Arena / Indoor Football

Indoor (also known as Arena) Football plays an 8 v 8 version of American Football on a converted Ice Hockey Rink 50-yards long with 2 10 -yard endzones. Teams have 5 downs (attempts) to score or the ball is turned over – 3 of which must be passing plays. It is therefore a higher scoring game than standard 11 v 11 American Football. The main difference between Arena Football and Indoor Football is that there is no rebound net either side of the goalposts in Indoor Football. Arena Football rules allow the ball stay in play when it comas back off the rebound nets.



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