United Arab Emirates | International American Football Matches 2012-2018

DateHome TeamScoreAway TeamScore
16.12.12UAE FalconsWKazakhstan TitansL
02.04.16Colombo Lions (SriLnk)0Emirates AFL Falcons64
03.06.16Emirates AFL Falcons15Almaty Titans (Kaz)13
06.16Team India6Emirates AFL Falcons27
2016Belgrade University?Emirates AFL Falcons?
04.17Emirates AFL Falcons42Jeddah AFT (KSA)0
04.17Emirates AFL Falcons?Almaty Titans (Kaz)?
02.11.18EFAF Pharaohs (Egy)30Emirates AFL Falcons6

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Neil Bowles, who is from Belfast, Ireland, and played with the Belfast Spartans in the 1990s in the Irish American Football League, played with the UAE Falcons in 2012. [2][3][9]



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