Tazon Azteca ONEFA v CONADEIP Mexican College All-Star Bowl 2018-Present

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Results 2018-Present

XLV2018ONEFA All-Stars17CONADIEP All-Stars10
XLVI29.11.2019ONEFA All-StarsCONADIEP All-Stars
Aztec Bowl (ONEFA All-Stars v CONADIEP All-Stars) 2018-Present [Reference: 4-5]
CONADEIP 10th anniversary Logo 2019 [Ref: 7]


The Tazon Azteca (Aztec Bowl) is the highlight of the Mexican American Football season, once upon a time pitting Mexican & ONEFA College All-Stars against an American College All-Star (or sometimes just an American College or Military) Team.

It has been played since 1947, and the Mexican Team has won 17 times out of 43 up to 2016, for a 17-26 Record.

In 2017 it bacame a game between ONEFA All-Stars and Europe Warriors, and in 2018 between ONEFA All_Stars (Public Universities) and CONADIEP All-Stars (Private Universities).



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