Netball Ireland Winter League Division 1 2019-20

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Leinster Leopards (Q)18171064136128086
St. Anne’s Dragons (Q)17143063642421274
Cork Rebels (Q)18126054143410767
Leinster Tigers (Q)186111396561-16538
Belfield Bluejays185121460633-17338
St. Anne’s Phoenix174130388471-8332
St. Anne’s Pegasus183150380559-17928
Netball Ireland Winter League Division 1 Final Table 2019-20 Reference: [2]

Note: (Q) Qualify for Playoffs


DateHome TeamAway Team
14.03.2020Leinster LeopardsLeinster Tigers
14.03.2020St. Anne’s DragonsCork Rebels
Netball Ireland Winter League Division 1 Final Table 2019-20 Reference: [3]

Note: Finals Weekend Postponed due to government advice on the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. [Reference: 4]

Results & Fixtures

DateHome TeamAway Team
Midweek 1Wesley
09.10.2019St. Anne’s Dragons38St. Anne’s Phoenix 20
09.10.2019Belfield Bluejays21Leinster Leopards34
09.10.2019St. Anne’s Pegasus 29Leinster Tigers15
Weekend 1Wesley
12.10.2019Leinster Tigers19Cork Rebels26
12.10.2019St. Anne’s Phoenix19Cork Rebels30
Midweek 2Beaumont
16.10.2019St. Anne’s Pegasus20St. Anne’s Dragons34
16.10.2019Belfield Bluejays21Leinster Tigers27
16.10.2019Leinster Leopards27St. Anne’s Phoenix18
Midweek 3Wesley
23.10.2019Leinster Leopards31St. Anne’s Dragons28
23.10.2019Leinster Tigers11St. Anne’s Phoenix28
23.10.2019St. Anne’s Pegasus24Belfield Bluejays30
Midweek 4Beaumont
30.10.2019Leinster Tigers25St. Anne’s Dragons38
30.10.2019Belfield Bluejays26St. Anne’s Phoenix35
30.10.2019St. Anne’s Pegasus17Leinster Leopards29
Weekend 4Ursulines
02.11.2019Cork Rebels36Leinster Tigers14
02.11.2019Cork Rebels24Leinster Leopards29
Midweek 5Wesley
06.11.2019St. Anne’s Pegasus33St. Anne’s Phoenix24
06.11.2019Leinster Tigers7Leinster Leopards44
06.11.2019Belfield Bluejays28St. Anne’s Dragons41
Midweek 6Beaumont
13.11.2019St. Anne’s Pegasus19Leinster Tigers29
13.11.2019Belfield Bluejays19Leinster Leopards34
13.11.2019St. Anne’s Dragons43St. Anne’s Phoenix30
Weekend 7Wesley
16.11.2019St. Anne’s Dragons43Cork Rebels33
16.11.2019Belfield Bluejays30Cork Rebels29
Midweek 8Wesley
20.11.2019Leinster Leopards42St. Anne’s Phoenix16
20.11.2019St. Anne’s Pegasus20St. Anne’s Dragons42
20.11.2019Belfield Bluejays27Leinster Tigers27
Midweek 9Beaumont
27.11.2019Leinster Tigers28St. Anne’s Phoenix22
27.11.2019St. Anne’s Pegasus24Belfield Bluejays25
27.11.2019Leinster Leopards33St. Anne’s Dragons 15
Weekend 9Ursulines
30.11.2019Cork Rebels10St. Anne’s Phoenix0
30.11.2019Cork Rebels44St. Anne’s Pegasus12
Midweek 10Wesley
04.12.2019Leinster Tigers13St. Anne’s Dragons34
04.12.2019St. Anne’s Pegasus12Leinster Leopards39
04.12.2019Belfield Bluejays27St. Anne’s Phoenix21
Weekend 11Wesley
07.12..2019Leinster Tigers31Cork Rebels38
07.12.2019St. Anne’s Phoenix25Cork Rebels34
Weekend 12Wesley
11.01.2020Leinster Leopards34Cork Rebels21
11.01.2020St. Anne’s Pegasus18Cork Rebels29
Midweek 13Beaumont
15.01.2020St. Anne’s Pegasus17St. Anne’s Phoenix23
15.01.2020Belfield Bluejays33St. Anne’s Dragns49
15.01.2020Leinster Tigers13Leinster Leopards38
Midweek 14Wesley
22.01.2020St. Anne’s Pegasus22Belfield Bluejays31
22.01.2020Leinster Leopards28St. Anne’s Dragons42
22.01.2020Leinster Tigers21St. Anne’s Phoenix18
Midweek 15Beaumont
29.01.2020Leinster Leopards36Leinster Tigers22
29.01.2020St. Anne’s Phoenix23St. Anne’s Pegasus27
29.01.2020St. Anne’s Dragons48Belfield Bluejays17
Weekend 15Ursulines
01.02.2020Cork Rebels24St. Anne’s Dragons36
01.02.2020Cork Rebels34Belfield Bluejays32
Midweek 16Wesley
05.02.2020St. Anne’s Dragons31St. Anne’s Pegasus18
05.02.2020Leinster Leopards36St. Anne’s Phoenix17
05.02.2020Leinster Tigers36Belfield Bluejays32
Midweek 17Beaumont
12.02.2020St. Anne’s Phoenix50Belfield Bluejays21
12.02.2020Leinster Tigers15St. Anne’s Dragons41
12.02.2020Leinster Leopards36St. Anne’s Pegasus18
Weekend 17Wesley
15.02.2020St. Anne’s Dragons33Cork Rebels36
15.02.2020Belfield Bluejays13Cork Rebels37
Midweek 18Wesley
19.02.2020Leinster Tigers43St. Anne’s Pegasus34
19.02.2020Leinster Leopards61Belfield Bluejays27
Midweek 19Wesley
26.02.2020St. Anne’s PhoenixcSt. Anne’s Dragonsc
Weekend 20Wesley
07.03.2020St. Anne’s Pegasus16Cork Rebels32
07.03.2020Leinster Leopards30Cork Rebels24
Netball Ireland Winter League Division 1 Results 2019-20 [Reference: 3]


Leinster Leopardswon the 2019-20 Netball Ireland winter League Division 1 League title by 12 points from St. Anne’s Dragons in second place, with Cork Rebels in third. Leinster Tigers were the fourth team to qualify for the Finals weekend, which was cancelled due to the governments advice on the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Belfield Bluejays, and St. Anne’s 2nds and 3rds teams (Phoenix and Pegasus) made up the 7-team Division for 2019-20, with Leinster Panthers relegated from Division 1 after 2018-19 and replaced by St. Anne’s Pegasus who were promoted.



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[4] Netball Ireland Facebook (2020) Post, March 12. 2020: “Following on from Government Advice, Netball Ireland has made the decision to postpone all matches this weekend.” [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 12 August 2020]


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