Liga Futbol Americano (Mexico) 2021

Liga de Futbol Americano (Mexico) Logo 2020
Liga de Futbol Americano (Mexico) Logo 2020 [Reference: 1]


Division Norte
Dinos Saltillo
Fundidores Monterrey
Pioneros Queretaro
Raptors Edomex
Division Centro
Condores CDMX
Mexicas CDMX
Osos Toluca
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The Liga de Futbol Americano (Mexico) announced on its homepage that the 2021 season would consist of 8 teams: The Mayas were to return to play after a years absence and the Artilleros Puebla were to take a year out. The North Division would consist of Dinos Saltillo, Fundidores Monterrey, Pioneros Queretaro and Raptors Edomex. The Central Division was to consist of Condores CDMX, Mexicas CDMX, Mayas and Osos Toluca.

On the 11th April 2021 the League announced the suspension of Operations due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, because even though there were vaccines, there was not enough of the population vaccinated.

On 14 April the AAA Rival League to LFA, the Futbol Americano de Mexico (FAM) announced it was suspending operations for 2021 and also that Pioneros Queretaro was to rejoin the League from LFA. The Pioneros helmet was removed from the LFA homepage at the same time. This is probably an early indication of how the 2022 line-ups will be made.



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