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Kimchi Bowl Finals 1995-2017

114.01.96Donga University12Seven Sixth Sense (Donga U OB)7
226.01.97Bluesun (Kyungsung U OB)28Keimyungdae18
318.01.98Kyungpook National Uni47Seven Sixth Sense (Donga U OB)6
417.01.99Donga University35Blue Friends22
516.01.00Donga University19Daegu Red Star14
621.01.01Daegu Red Star13Kyung Sung University0
727.01.02Seven Sixth Sense (Donga U OB)27Kyung Sung University14
819.01.03Kumho University7Scaras (SNU OB)6
901.02.04Caps Golden Eagles23Donga University17
1030.01.05Halles (Kumho IT)27Kumho University12
1108.01.06Donga University7Shipping Land Vikings6
1214.01.07Busan Griffons37Dong0
1306.01.08Busan Griffons21Dong12
1411.01.09Shipping Land Vikings20Dong14
1510.01.10Pusan University34Caps Golden Eagles18
1609.01.11Daegu Phoenix40Pusan University24
1708.01.12Seoul Warriors14Pusan University0
1830.12.12Fils Vikings23Hanyang University0
1901.12.13Pusan University14Seoul Vikings6
2030.11.14Samsung Blue Storm7Dong6
2106.12.15Seoul DDP Golden Eagles26Dong6
2204.12.16Dong17Daegu Phoenix6
2305.12.17Dong21Seoul Vikings13

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The Kimchi Bowl is the National Championship of American Football in Korea, and has been played since 1995 between the winners of the University Championship (Tiger Bowl) and the Social Championship (Gwanggaeto Bowl).



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