Hurling-Shinty International Series Ireland v Scotland 2014

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Ireland v Scotland 2014

DateLocationHome Away 
18.10.14Bught ParkScotland3-14 (23)Ireland2-8 (14)
25.10.14Pairc EslerIreland2-18 (24)Scotland0-8 (8)
International Rules Hurling-Shinty Ireland v Scotland 2014 [Reference: 3-4]

Ireland won series 38-31 on aggregate

18 October 2014 Scotland 3-14 (23) Ireland 2-8 (14)

International Rules Hurling-Shinty Ireland v Scotland 2014 [Reference: 3]

25 October 2014 Ireland 2-18 (24) Scotland 0-8 (8)

International Rules Hurling-Shinty Ireland v Scotland 2014 [Reference: 4]
Eoin O’Reilly (Loais)John Barr
Mickey Burke (Meath)Kevin Bartlett0-8
Paul Dermody (Kildare)Conor Cormack
Paul Divilly (Kildare)Callum Cruden
John Egan (Kerry)Gary Innes
David English (Carlow)Grant Irvine
Lorcán McLoughlin (Cork)0-1Paul MacArthur
Conor Lehane (Cork)0-7John MacDonald
Patrick Maher (Tipperary)Roddy MacDonald
Conor McCann (Antrim)0-1Steven McDonald
Neal McAuley (Antrim)Stuart MacDonald
Johnny McCusker (Down)0-2Lorne Mackay
David McInerney (Clare)0-2Fraser Mackintosh
Brian Murphy (Kerry)Finlay Macrae
Shane Nolan (Kerry)Callum Miller
Darragh O’Connell (Kerry)Steven Morrisson
Eoin Price (Westmeath)2-5Louis Munro
Matthew Whelan (Laois)Shaun Nicolson
David Kettle (Louth)
International Rules Hurling-Shinty Ireland v Scotland 2014 [Reference: 4]


Eoin Price of Westmeath led an Ireland comeback against Scotland in the 2nd Leg of the Hurling-Shinty International series in 2014. With Ireland 3-14 (23) points to 2-8 (14) down from the first leg, Price tallied 2-5 (11) points to lead Ireland to a 2-18 (24) to 0-8 (8) victory at Pairc Esler in Newry, Co. Down, which sealed a 38 to 31.

The important goal came in the 73rd minute of the 2nd leg, when ‘Bonnie’ Maher opened up the Scottish defense and created the chance for Price, who netted his second of the match.

Ireland’s Conor Lehane in action versus Scotland in the 2nd leg of the Hurling-Shinty International in 2014 [Reference: 5 / Picture Credit: Matt Browne SPORTSFILE]


The first Hurling-Shinty International Rules match was played back in 1897 in Glasgow between Cowal (Scotland) and Celtic (Dublin). [1]

There have been regular Internationals between Ireland and Scotland since 2000.

Shinty is very similar to Hurling and the two games would have the same Gaelic Celtic origin with Shinty most popular in Gaelic Scots part of Scotland, particularly the Highlands. The game, however, does not include over-the-bar points, only goals and there is less play in the air than in Hurling.

The scoring system is three points for a goal and one for a point (over-the-bar). In 2012 an experimental scoring system was used whereby a goal was worth 5 points. From 2000-2003 a scoring system was employed whereby a goal was worth 6 points, an ‘over’ 3 points, and a ‘behind’ (a score into posts either side of the two main posts) 1 point.

13-a-side or 14-a-side have both been employed, halfway between Hurling’s 15-a-side and Shinty’s 12-a-side. Bot teams play with their own sticks, so it is a game played with two different sets of equipment.

In 2010 the series became a home-and-away series with the aggregate score over two legs deciding the winners. During this period Ireland won from 2011-2014, though the series reverted to a single game in 2016



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Thanks to Conor McGroarty, Fiona Corrigan and Roisin NicDhonnacha.

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