European Theater of Operations (ETO) Football Championship Autumn 1944

ETO Championship Autumn 1944

Championship3rd Bombardment Division
03.12.194494th Bomb Group Fighting Eagles3Helton’s Hellcats0
Championship8th Air Force Command
10.12.1944Shuttle-Raders183rd Air Depot Liberators0
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Tea Bowl II Autumn 1944

03.12.1944Air Force Command Warriors23Cowboys0
Tea Bowl IIWhite City stadium
31.12.1944Air Force Command Warriors138th Air Force Shuttle-Raders0
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Army-Navy Grid Classic Autumn 1944

Army-Navy Grid ClassicWhite City Stadium
12.11.19441st Air Depot Shuttle-Raders20Navy Sea Lions0
Army-Navy Grid Classic II
17.12.1944Navy Green Waves13Army Red Raiders7
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“Turkey Bowls” Autumn 1944

Thanksgiving Bowls
23.11.1944348th Bomb Group Kiwis0445th Bomb Group0
23.11.1944Berger’s Bouncers6Henley’s Hurricanes0
23.11.1944Moore’s Maulers6Bearcats0
23.11.194478th Fighter Group Greyhounds6434th Troop Carrier Command Greyhounds0
26.11.1944Shuttle-Raders33398th Bomb Group Blue Blazers0
26.11.1944Helton’s Hellcats14356th Fighter Group Tukey’s Terrors6
26.11.1944Air Force Command Warriors28Photo Lightnings0
“Turkey” Bowls
10.12.1944Air Force Command40Berger’s Bouncers0
10.12.1944Moore’s Maulers0Doughter’s Fighting Eagles0
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Note: Only Major “Turkey Bowl” Style games played in Stadiums in front of the British & Irish Public in aid of the Red Cross are shown above. From Autumn 1943-Autumn 1944 there were Championships organised in various Divisions, with teams playing as many as 10 games before the playoffs.


94th Bomb Group Fighting Eagles won the 3rd Bombardment Division Bowl in Autumn 1944, and Shuttle-Raders the 8th Air Force Command Championship.

There was also a repeat of the “Tea Bowl” won by Air Force Command Warriors, as well as a second Army-Navy Grid Classic series, with the Army team and Navy team winning one each, as in Winter (Spring) 1944.



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