Central European Football League Cup 2019

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DateHome TeamAway Team
13.04.2019Budapest Cowbells (Hun)6Moscow Spartans (Rus)24
13.04.2019Bucharest Rebels (Rom)14Belgrade SBB Vukovi (Ser)28
13.04.2019Bolzano Giants (Ita)36Budapest Wolves (Hun)19
13.04.2019Istanbul ITU Hornets (Tur)40Moscow Patriots (Rus)19
11.05.2019Belgrade SBB Vukovi27Bolzano Giants42
18.05.2019Istanbul ITU Hornets17Moscow Spartans43
09.06.2019Bolzano Giants14Moscow Spartans15
[References: 2]


Moscow Spartans defeated Bolzano Giants of Italy 15-14 to take the Central European Football League Cup back to Russia in 2019. They had earlier knocked out Hungary’s Budapest Cowbells in the Quarter-Finals and Istanbul ITU Hornets of Turkey in the Semi-Finals of the Single-Elimination / Knockout Cup. Bolzano Giants had knocked out Budapest Wolves (Hungary) and Belgrade SBB Vukovi (Serbia) in the earlier rounds. Other teams competing were Bucharest Rebels of Romania and Russia’s Moscow Patriots.

The Central European Football League Cup was a A (4th Level) European American Football League which operated from 2006 to the present (at time of writing) with the first 11 years as a AAA League based in the Balkans and Central European countries which formed the Soviet Block, Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire of the 20th Century, due to there being not enough teams in each country for their own league prior to 2017. Since 2017 it has operated as a AA Regional Mini-League in Central Europe, stretching from Moscow in Russia in the East, Istanbul in Turkey in the South, Thonon in South-East France in the West and Wroclaw in Poland in the North.



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Thanks to Tomasz Dybikowski (Dublin Bay Raptors).

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