Canadian Football League Grey Cup Champions 1909-Present

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Grey Cup Champions 1909-Present

1909University of TorontoToronto Parkdale Canoe ClubToronto
1910University of TorontoHamilton TigersHamilton
1911University of TorontoToronto ArgonautsToronto
1912Hamilton AlertsToronto ArgonautsHamilton
1913Hamilton TigersToronto Parkdale Canoe ClubHamilton
1914Toronto ArgonautsUniversity of TorontoToronto
1915Hamilton TigersToronto RAAToronto
1916no decision  
1917no decision  
1918no decision  
1919no decision  
1920University of TorontoToronto ArgonautsToronto
1921Toronto ArgonautsEdmonton EskimosToronto
1922Queen’s UniversityEdmonton EskimosKingston
1923Queen’s UniversityRegina Rugby ClubToronto
1924Queen’s UniversityToronto Balmy BeachToronto
1925Ottawa SenatorsWinnipeg Tammany TigersOttawa
1926Ottawa SenatorsUniversity of TorontoToronto
1927Toronto Balmy BeachHamilton TigersToronto
1928Hamilton TigersRegina RoughridersHamilton
1929Hamilton TigersRegina RoughridersHamilton
1930Toronto Balmy BeachRegina RoughridersToronto
1931Montréal AAARegina RoughridersMontréal
1932Hamilton TigersRegina RoughridersHamilton
1933Toronto ArgonautsSarnia ImperialsSarnia
1934Sarnia ImperialsRegina RoughridersToronto
1935Winnipegs Rugby Football ClubHamilton TigersHamilton
1936Sarnia ImperialsOttawa Rough RidersToronto
1937Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1938Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1939Winnipeg Blue BombersOttawa Rough RidersOttawa
1940Ottawa Rough RidersToronto Balmy BeachToronto & Ottawa
1941Winnipeg Blue BombersOttawa Rough RidersToronto
1942Toronto RCAF HurricanesWinnipeg RCAF BombersToronto
1943Hamilton Flying WildcatsWinnipeg RCAF BombersToronto
1944St. Hyacinthe-Donnacona NavyHamilton WildcatsHamilton
1945Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1946Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1947Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1948Calgary StampedersOttawa Rough RidersToronto
1949Montréal AlouettesCalgary StampedersToronto
1950Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1951Ottawa Rough RidersSaskatchewan RoughridersToronto
1952Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1953Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1954Edmonton EskimosMontréal AlouettesToronto
1955Edmonton EskimosMontréal AlouettesVancouver
1956Edmonton EskimosMontréal AlouettesToronto
1957Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1958Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-CatsVancouver
1959Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-CatsToronto
1960Ottawa Rough RidersEdmonton EskimosVancouver
1961Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-CatsToronto
1962Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-CatsToronto
1963Hamilton Tiger-CatsBritish Columbia LionsVancouver
1964British Columbia LionsHamilton Tiger-CatsToronto
1965Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1966Saskatchewan RoughridersOttawa Rough RidersVancouver
1967Hamilton Tiger-CatsSaskatchewan RoughridersOttawa
1968Ottawa Rough RidersCalgary StampedersToronto
1969Ottawa Rough RidersSaskatchewan RoughridersMontréal
1970Montréal AlouettesCalgary StampedersToronto
1971Calgary StampedersToronto ArgonautsVancouver
1972Hamilton Tiger-CatsSaskatchewan RoughridersHamilton
1973Ottawa Rough RidersEdmonton EskimosToronto
1974Montréal AlouettesEdmonton EskimosVancouver
1975Edmonton EskimosMontréal AlouettesCalgary
1976Ottawa Rough RidersSaskatchewan RoughridersToronto
1977Montréal AlouettesEdmonton EskimosMontréal
1978Edmonton EskimosMontréal AlouettesToronto
1979Edmonton EskimosMontréal AlouettesMontréal
1980Edmonton EskimosHamilton Tiger-CatsToronto
1981Edmonton EskimosOttawa Rough RidersMontréal
1982Edmonton EskimosToronto ArgonautsToronto
1983Toronto ArgonautsBritish Columbia LionsVancouver
1984Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-CatsEdmonton
1985British Columbia LionsHamilton Tiger-CatsMontréal
1986Hamilton Tiger-CatsEdmonton EskimosVancouver
1987Edmonton EskimosToronto ArgonautsVancouver
1988Winnipeg Blue BombersBritish Columbia LionsOttawa
1989Saskatchewan RoughridersHamilton Tiger-CatsToronto
1990Winnipeg Blue BombersEdmonton EskimosVancouver
1991Toronto ArgonautsCalgary StampedersWinnipeg
1992Calgary StampedersWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
1993Edmonton EskimosWinnipeg Blue BombersCalgary
1994British Columbia LionsBaltimore Football ClubVancouver
1995Baltimore StallionsCalgary StampedersRegina
1996Toronto ArgonautsEdmonton EskimosHamilton
1997Toronto ArgonautsSaskatchewan RoughridersEdmonton
1998Calgary StampedersHamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg
1999Hamilton Tiger-CatsCalgary StampedersVancouver
2000British Columbia LionsMontréal AlouettesCalgary
2001Calgary StampedersWinnipeg Blue BombersMontréal
2002Montréal AlouettesEdmonton EskimosEdmonton
2003Edmonton EskimosMontréal AlouettesRegina
2004Toronto ArgonautsBritish Columbia LionsOttawa
2005Edmonton EskimosMontréal AlouettesVancouver
2006British Columbia LionsMontréal AlouettesWinnipeg
2007Saskatchewan RoughridersWinnipeg Blue BombersToronto
2008Calgary StampedersMontréal AlouettesMontréal
2009Montréal AlouettesSaskatchewan RoughridersCalgary
2010Montréal AlouettesSaskatchewan RoughridersEdmonton
2011British Columbia LionsWinnipeg Blue Bombers
2012Toronto ArgonautsCalgary Stampeders
2013Saskatchewan RoughridersHamilton Tiger-Cats
2014Calgary StampedersHamilton Tiger-Cats
2015Edmonton EskimosOttawa REDBLACKS
2016Ottawa REDBLACKSCalgary Stampeders
2017Toronto ArgonautsCalgary Stampeders
2018Calgary StampedersOttawa REDBLACKS
2019Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats
Grey Cup Champions 1909-Present [References: ]


Earl Grey donated what is now the Canadian Football League’s Championship Trophy in 1909, thus starting a tradition which lasts to this day. The Grey Cup was the first of the great North American Football Championships, starting the Modern Era, and was first won by the University of Toronto. It is now in the sole possession of the Canadian Football League, which broke away from the Canadian Rugby Union in 1956. Toronto Argonauts first won the Cup in 1914 and last won it in 2012. Winnipeg Blue Bombers first success came in 1939 and after a long drought won the last one currently played in 2019. Ottawa Rough Riders won the Cup in 1940 for the first time and are considered the same team as the Ottawa REDBLACKS by the Canadian Football League, with the REDBLACKS a new replacement franchise who won the Grey Cup last in 2016. Calgary Stampeders first and last victories came in 1948 and 2018, and Montréal Alouettes in 1949 and 2010. Newly merged Hamilton Tiger-Cats first and last Cups were in 1953 and 1999, while Edmonton Eskimos’ (now Edmonton Football Team) maiden trophy was in 1954 and last in 2015. British Columbia Lions from Vancouver last won the Grey Cup in 2011 and first won it in 1964, while Saskatchewan Roughriders took the title for the first time in 1966 and last time in 2013.



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