Canadian Football League 1956-1960

CFL Logo 1960s
CFL Logo 1960s [Reference: 1]

CFL 1956

Montreal Alouettes14104047836120
Hamilton Tiger-Cats1477028338514
Ottawa Rough Riders1477032635914
Toronto Argonauts1441003314138
Edmonton Eskimoes16115035823522
Saskatchewan Roughriders16106035327220
Winnipeg Blue Bombers1697031522818
BC Lions16610025136112
Calgary Stampeders1641202294108

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DateHome TeamAway Team
WIFU Semi-FinalAggregate
03.11.1956Saskatchewan Roughriders42Winnipeg Blue Bomers7
05.11.1956Winnipeg Blue Bombers19Saskatchewan Roughriders8
WIFU FinalAggregate
10.11.1956Saskatchewan Roughriders23Edmonton Eskimoes22
12.11.1956Edmonton Eskimoes20Saskatchewan Roughriders12
17.11.1956Edmonton Eskiimoes51Saskatchewan Roughriders7
IRFU Semi-Final
07.11.1956Hamilton Tiger-Cats46Ottawa Rough Riders21
IRFU FinalAggregate
10.11.1956Hamilton Tiger-Cats21Montreal Alouettes30
17.11.1956Montreal Alouettes48Hamilton Tiger-Cats41
Grey Cup
24.11.1956Edmontin Eskimoes50Montreal Alouettes27

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CFL 1957

Hamilton Tiger-Cats14104025018920
Ottawa Rough Riders1486032623716
Montreal Alouettes1468028730112
Toronto Argonauts1441002744108
Edmonton Eskimoes16142047514228
Winnipeg Blue Bombders16124040630024
Calgary Stampeders16610022141312
BC Lions1641112843699
Saskatchewan Roughriders1631212764387

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DateHome TeamAway Team
Western Semi-FinalAggregate
09.11.1957Winnipeg Blue Bombers13Calgary Stampeders13
11.11.1957Calgary Stampeders3Winnipeg Blue Bombers15
Western FinalBest-of-3
16.11.1957Winnipeg Blue Bombers19Edmonton Eskimoes7
20.11.1957Edmonton Eskinoes5Winnipeg Blue Bombers4
23.11.1957Edmonton Eskimoes2Winnipeg Blue Bombers17
IRFU Semi-Final
13.11.1957Ottawa Rough Riders15Montreal Alouettes24
IRFU FinalAggregate
16.11.1957Montreal Alouettes10Hamilton Tiger-Cats17
23.11.1957Hamilton Tiger-Cats39Montreal Alouettes1
Grey Cup
30.11.1957Hamilton Tiger-Cats32Winnipeg Blue Bombers7

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CFL 1958

Hamilton Tiger-Cats14103129123521
Montreal Alouettes1476126526915
Ottawa Rough Riders1468023324312
Toronto Argonauts1441002663088
Winnipeg Blue Bombers16133036118226
Edmonton Eskimoes1696131229219
Saskatchewan Roughriders1677232032416
Calgary Stampeders1669131431213
BC Lions1631302023996

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DateHome TeamAway Team
WIFU Semi-FinalAggregate
08.11.1958Saskatchewan Roughriders11Edmonton Eskimoes27
11.11.1958Edmonton Eskimoes31Saskatchewan Roughriders1
WIFU FinalBest-of-3
15.11.1958Edmomton Eskimoes7Winnipeg Blue Bombers30
19.11.1958Winnipeg Blue Bombers7Edmonton Eskimoes30
22.11.1958Winnipeg Blue Bombers23Edmonton Eskimoes7
IRFU Semi-Final
12.11.1958Montreal Alouettes12Ottawa Rough Riders28
IRFU FinalAggregate
15.11.1958Ottawa Rough Riders35Hamilton Tiger-Cats35
22.11.1958Hamilton Tiger-Cats19Ottawa Rough Riders7
Grey Cup
29.11.1958Winnipeg Blue Bombers35Hamilton Tiger-Cats28

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CFL 1959

Hamilton Tiger-Cats14104029816220
Ottawa Rough Riders1486027521716
Montreal Alouettes1468019330512
Toronto Argonauts1441001922748
Winnipeg Blue Bombers16124041827224
Edmonto Eskimoes16106037022120
BC Lions1697030630118
Calgary Stampeders1688035630116
Saskatchewan Roughriders1611502125672

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DateHome TeamAway Team
WIFU Semi-FinalAggregate
31.10.1959BC Lions8Edmonton Eskimoes20
04.11.1959Edmonton Eskimoes41BC Lions7
WIFU FinalBest-of-3
11.11.1959Edmonton Eskimoes11Winnipeg Blue Bombers19
14.11.1959Winnipeg Blue Bombers16Edmonton Eskimoes8
IRFU Semi-Final
07.11.1959Ottawa Rough Riders43Montreal Alouettes0
IRFU FinalAggregate
14.11.1959Ottawa Rough Riders17Hamilton Tiger-Cats5
21.11.1959Hamilton Tiger-Cats21Ottawa Rough Riders7
Grey Cup
28.11.1959Winnipeg Blue Bombers21Hamilton Tiger-Cats7

Reference: [2]

CFL 1960

Toronto Argonauts1410 4 0370265 20 
Ottawa Rough Riders*14 9 5 0400283 18 
Montréal Alouettes145 9 0340458 10 
Hamilton Tiger-Cats14 410 0273377  8 
Winnipeg Blue Bombers1614 2 0453239 28 
Edmonton Eskimos1610 6 0318225 20 
Calgary Stampeders16 6 8 2374404 14 
British Columbia Lions16 5 9 2296356 12 
Saskatchewan Roughriders16 212 2205422  6 


Ottawa Rough Riders 30Montréal Alouettes14
Edmonton Eskimos70 Ottawa Rough Riders28 *
 Conference Finals   
Ottawa Rough Riders 54Toronto Argonauts41 *
Edmonton Eskimos2Winnipeg Blue Bombers1 **

GREY CUP –             Empire Stadium, Vancouver

Ottawa Rough Riders16Edmonton Eskimos 6

* in two games, total points series

**Three Games Series (16-22, 10-5, 4-2)


In 1956 the Canadian Football League broke away from the Canadian Rugby Union, and played as a stand-alone league. The winners of the Grey Cup that year were Edmonton Eskimoes 50-27 versus Montreal Alouettes. In 1957 Hamilton Tiger-Cats won 32-7 against Winnipeg Blue Bombers to take home the coveted cup, although in 1958 Winnipeg got revenge, triumphing 35-28 over the Tiger-Cats. The Blue Bombers repeated in 1959, winning again against Hamilton, this time 21-07. In 1960 The IRFU renamed itself the Eastern Football Conference and its’ Champions the Ottawa Rough Riders defeated Edmonton Eskimoes 16-6 in a low-scoring game to win the Grey Cup. The Western Interprovincial Union was renamed the Western Football Conference in 1961.


The Canadian Football League was formed in 1958 when the Western Interprovincial Football Union and Interprovincial Rugby Football Union broke away from the Canadian Rugby Union, and adopted more American Football style pf play. During the 1950s it can be seen as a AAA Football League, becoming a Major League in 1960 with the adoption of an inter-locking schedule and the renaming of the Western Inter-Provincial Football Union and the Inter-Provincial Rugby Football Union as the Western and Eastern Conferences.


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