Australian Rules Football League of Ireland Super 10s Championship 2002

Australian Rules Football League of Ireland Logo / Banner 2002 [Reference: 1]

Final Standings

*South Dublin Eagles15114033
*Leeside Lions13103030
*Midland Tigers17611018
Drogheda Dockers93609
Dublin Demons61503
Clare Crows20200
Australian Rules Football League of Ireland Super 10s Championship 2002 [References: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
2002Leeside LionsWMidland TigersL
Grand Final   
2002South Dublin EaglesLLeeside LionsW
Australian Rules Football League of Ireland Super 10s Championship 2002 [References: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 1
03.08.2002Midland Tigers2.6.18Drogheda Dockers6.15.51
03.08.2002South Dublin Eagles12.9.81Midland Tigers3.2.20
03.08.2002South Dublin Eagles10.14.74Drogheda Dockers3.6.24
Round 2
10.08.2002South Dublin Eagles12.12.84Midland Tigers3.1.19
10.08.2002South Dublin Eagles6.7.43Leeside Lions5.9.39
10.08.2002Drogheda Dockers9.4.58Midland Tigers5.10.40
10.08.2002Midland Tigers7.2.44Leeside Lions6.11.47
10.08.2002Drogheda Dockers5.2.32Leeside Lions2.4.16
10.08.2002Drogheda Dockers2.7.19South Dublin Eagles11.8.74
Round 3
24.08.2002South Dublin eagles12.13.85Midland Tigers3.12.30
Round 4
31.08.2002Midland Tigers14.8.92Drogheda Dockers7.13.55
Round 5
07.09.2002Leeside Lions8.9.57Clare Crows2.5.17
07.09.2002South Dublin Eagles2.9.21Midland Tigers3.5.23
07.09.2002South Dublin Eagles5.4.34Leeside lions1.2.8
07.09.2002Midland Tigers9.5.59Clare Crows2.2.14
Round 5
21.09.2002Midland Tigers5.4.34South Dublin Eagles5.7.37
21.09.2002Leeside Lions9.6.60Drogheda Dockers5.2.32
21.09.2002Dublin Demons5.3.33Midland Tigers11.5.71
21.09.2002Leeside Lions6.13.49South Dublin Eagles5.6.36
21.09.2002Leeside Lions6.5.41Midland Tigers2.3.15
21.09.2002Dublin Demons1.0.6South Dublin Eagles10.13.73
Round 6
05.10.2002Midland Tigers2.8.20Leeside Lions6.6.42
05.10.2002Drogheda Dockers3.4.22Leeside Lions12.8.80
05.10.2002Midland Tigers15.7.97Drogheda Dockers5.4.34
Australian Rules Football League of Ireland Super 10s Championship 2002 [References: 2]


South Dublin Eagles lost the 2002 Super 10s Final to Leeside Lions of Cork, after the two teams had dominated the season.  South Dublin Eagles finished with 11 wins and 4 losses, and Leeside Lions with 10 wins and 3 losses.

The rest of the teams finished well down the table as most teams, with the exception of Midland Tigers only played in 1 or 2 of the Carnivals. Midland Tigers finished with 6 wins from 17, Drogheda Dockers with 3 from 9, Dublin Demons had one win in 6 and Clare Crows lost both matches they played.

The three teams that played in the most Carnivals reached the Playoffs, where in the Semi-Final Leeside Lions defeated Midland Tigers before going on to triumph in the Grand Final against South Dublin Eagles.

The Super 10s was essentially a second level to give newer or less experienced players matches. It consisted of blitz format 10-a-side matches.



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