Flying Disc Sports

There are two main Frisbee or Flying Disc sports played in Ireland – Ultimate: a team game whereby the objective is to pass the disc into an endzone in your opponents half and catch it without it touching the ground. The second is Disc Golf: similar to Golf but the player must get the disc into a basket in as few throws as  possible, with a course in Co. Wicklow.

below you will find links to the Results and Tables of various Flying Disc sports in Ireland:

World Flying Disc Federation:

World Flying Disc Federation Dublin Golden Cup 2014-2018

European Ultimate Federation:

European Ultimate Federation | European Ultimate Championship Finals 2016

EUF European Ultimate Championship (Seasons): 2016

Irish Flying Disc Association – Irish Ultimate Leagues & Championships:

IFDA Irish Ultimate League (Seasons): 2017

IFDA All-Ireland Indoor Ultimate Championships (Seasons): 2018

Irish Flying Disc Association: Dublin Ultimate Leagues:

IFDA Dublin Winter Indoor Women’s Ultimate League (Seasons): 2017

IFDA Dublin Winter Indoor Mixed Ultimate League (Seasons): 2017

Irish Flying Disc Association | Schools:

Irish Flying Disc Association Schools All-Ireland Ultimate Championships 2008-2015

Irish Ultimate Teams [Roster & Match Reports]

Ireland Junior Women [ WUC 2016 ]

Ireland Senior Open [ CC 2016 ]

Ireland Women [ CC 2016 ]

Image References

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