The Eirball Polo Archives include Irish Polo and Polocrosse as well as Cowboy Polo in USA.

Ireland v Zimbabwe player riders horse action play at world cup polo-cross championship games at Shongweni equestrain fields outside Durban.


Polocrosse is a version of Lacrosse played on Horseback. It was invented in Northern Australia in the 1970s and the first World Cup was played in 2003.

Polocrosse (Australia)

International Polocrosse

Polocrosse (Northern Australia)

IPC World Cup (Editions): 2019 2003

Irish Polocrosse Association National Finals (Years):


Irish Polocrosse Association A Grade Tournaments (Years):


Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

Polo originated in Iran and was introduced to Britain and Ireland by the British Army after it was discovered there.

Polo (Iran – Central Asia)

Polo (Iran)

FIP European Championships: 2016