NFL European Schools Flag Football Finals 2002

NFL Flag Football Logo 2002 [References: 1][Adjusted]

Final Ranking

Air Force Graz (Austria)440019247+1451.000
Dusseldorf Black Hawk (Germany)431011987+32.750
Leonardo Lightning (Netherlands)4310144128+16.750
AS Paris Flag (France)422013797+40.500
Pere Vives Vich (Spain)312084105-21.333
Kulosaari Roosters (Finland)312051127-76.333
Grangemouth Broncos (Scotland)303091126-45.000
Sondervangskloen (Denmark)303030121-91.000
[Reference: 4 & +/- Compiled from Results]


DateHome TeamAway Team
3rd Place Playoff
2002Leonardo Lightning46AS Paris Flag40 ot
2002Dusseldorf Black Hawk18Air Force Graz42
[References: 5]

Final Group Standings

European Schools Flag FinalsPWLTPFPA+/-Pct
EFAF Gruppe
Air Force Graz (Aut)330015029+1211.000
AS Paris Flag (Fra)32109751+46.667
Kulosaari Roosters (Fin)312051127-76.333
Sondervangskloen (Den)303030121-91.000
NFLE Gruppe
Dusseldorf Black Hawk (Ger)330010145+561.000
Leonardo Lightning (Neth)32109888+10.667
Pere Vives Vich (Spa)312084105-21.333
Grangemouth Broncos (Sco)303091126-45.000
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Group Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
EFAF Gruppe
06.2002AS Paris Flag39Kulosaari Roosters19
06.2002AS Paris Flag22Air Force Graz26
06.2002Kulosaari Roosters25Sondervangskloen24
06.2002Air Force Graz60Sondervangskloen0
06.2002Air Force Graz64Kulosaari Roosters7
06.2002Sondervangskloen6AS Paris Flag36
NFLE Gruppe
06.2002Pere Vives Vich43Grangemouth Broncos38
06.2002Leonardo Lightning19Dusseldorf Black Hawk30
06.2002Pere Vives Vich33Leonardo Lightning34
06.2002Grangemouth Broncos18Dusseldorf Black Hawk38
06.2002Grangemouth Broncos25Leonardo Lightning45
06.2002Dusseldorf Black Hawk33Pere Vives Vich8
[References: 2-3; 5]


Scotland’s Grangemouth Broncos failed to find the form which saw them win the NFL UK Schools Flag Football Championships, when they lost all three matches in the NFL Europe Schools Flag Football Championships in 2002. They narrowly lost the opening game 43-38 to Spain’s Pere Vives Vich, and then lost 38-18 to hosts Dusseldorf Black Hawk and 45-21 to Leonardo Lightning of Netherlands when a win could have seen them through on head-to-head points difference.

Dusseldorf Black Hawk won the NFL Europe Group and met EFAF Group Champions Austria’s Air Force Graz in the Final, with the Austrians coming out on top 42-18. Air Force Graz were convincing winners of the tournament having depatched AS Paris Flag 26-22 in their opening match before getting into their stride with huge 60 plus points wins over Sondervanfskloen of Denmark and Kulosaari Roosters of Finland to rech the Final. The two finalists qualified for the NFL Schools Flag Football World Championships along with third placed Leonardo Lightning who won 46-40 in overtime in the third placed playoff match against AS Paris Flag.

Grangemouth is Scotland’s biggest port, having been founded as the finish point of the Clyde-Forth Canal. Located near Falkirk in East Scotland, it is famous also for the art-statues of the two Kelpies, mythological Horses which can take Human form from Celtic Folklore. The artist who created the two giant artworks at the entrance to thde Helix Park, however, took ins;piration more from the two work horses which drew each canal boat. Scotland was colonised by Gaelic-speakers from Ireland in 500 AD, although Gaelic is now only widely spoken in the Highlands and Western Isles.

Kelpies at the entrance to the Helix Park, Grangemouth, Scotland [References: 9]{Picture Credit: My Voyages Scotland]



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