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Turkiye Amerikan Futbolu Kurulu TAFK Turkey Tournament 2001

Final Standings

A Group
*Hacettepe Red Deers440020837
*Bogazici Sultans43109063
METU Falcons42205885
Bilkent Judges413083107
Bashkent Knights404018165
B Group
*ITU Hornets440020828
Ankara Cats43109094
Ege Dolphins42205864
Gazi Warriors41308394
Eskisehir Anadolu Rangers40401870
Turkiye Amerikan Futbolu Kurulu Final Standings 2001 [Ref: 1]

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
2001Hacetteppe Red Deers67Ankara Cats8
2001ITU Hornets20Bogazici Sultans6
2001Hacettepe Red Deers36ITU Hornets30
Turkiye Amerikan Futbolu Kurulu Playoffs 2001 [Ref: 1]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
2001ITU Hornets22Gazi Warriors11
2001Hacettepe Red Deers82Bashkent Knights0
2001Bilkent Judges18Bogazici Sultans26
2001Eskisehir Anadolu Rangers14Ankara Cats20
Week 2
2001METU Falcons0Hacettepe Red Deers31
2001Bilkent Judges44Bashkent Knights12
2001Eskisehir Anadolu Rangers12ITU Hornets24
2001Gazi Warriors0Ege Dolphins30
Week 3
2001Bilkent Judges15Hacettepe Red Deers50
2001Bogazici Sultans42METU Falcons0
2001Ege Dolphins20Eskisehir Anadolu Rangers0
2001ITU Hornets24Ankara Cats0 #
Week 3
2001METU Falcons20Bilkent Judges6
2001Bogazici Sultans24Bashkent Knights0 #
2001Ege Dolphins6ITU Hornets30
2001Ankara Cats40Gazi Warriors28
Week 4
2001Bashkent Knights6METU Falcons39
2001Hacettepe Red Deers45Bogazici Sultans22
2001Ankara Cats34Ege Dolphins28
2001Gazi Warriors24Eskisehir Anadolu Rangers0 #
Turkiye Amerikan Futbolu Kurulu Regular Season Results 2001 [Ref: 1]


The Turkish American Football League in 2001 was won by Hacettepe Red Deers 36-30 over ITU Hornets, after they had gone undefeated (4-0 Won-Loss) during the Regular season and defeated Ankara Cats 67-6 in the Playoff Semi-Finals. The Hornets had also gone undefeated during the Regular Season and topped the B Group, before winning 20-6 against the Bogazici sultans in the Semi-Finals.

In all 10 teams entered, divided into two groups, with a four-game regular season. Other teams included the Ege Dolphins, Gazi Warriors, Eskesehir Anadolu Rangers, METU Falcons, Bilkent Judges and Bashkent Knights.


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