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British American Football Association National Leagues Premiership 2019

British American Football Association Logo [Reference: 1

Final Standings

Premiership North
Tamworth Phoenix (SF)1091030384.900
Manchester Titans (SF)10730276170.700
Merseyside Nighthawks 10631273206.650
Edinburgh Wolves10370114248.300
Sheffield Giants10271140204.250
Leicester Falcons10280105299.200
Premiership South
London Warriors (SF)101000611351.000
London Blitz (SF)10820269145.800
Bristol Aztecs10460125211.400
London Olympians10460233245.400
Kent Exiles10370102336.300
Farnham Knights1019056424.100
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DateHome TeamAway Team
18.08.2019Tamworth Phoenix7London Blitz6
18.08.2019London Warriors63Manchester Titans0
ChampionshipBritbowl 33
01.09.2019London Warriors56Tamworth Phoenix29
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Regular Season Results Premiership North

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
14.04.2019Leicester Falcons21Sheffield Giants8
Week 2
21.04.2019Sheffield Giants6Tamworth Phoenix28
Week 3
28.04.2019Leicester Falcons18Merseyside Nighthawks23
Week 4
05.05.2019Edinburgh Wolves16Sheffield Giants15
05.05.2019Manchester Titans49Leicester Falcons16
05.05.2019Tamworth Phoenix34Merseyside Nighthawks6
Week 5
12.05.2019Sheffield Giants0Manchester Titans6
12.05.2019Merseyside Nighthawks33Edinburgh Wolves14
Week 6
19.05.2019Edinburgh Wolves0Tamworth Phoenix50
19.05.2019Merseyside Nighthawks50Manchester Titans33
Week 7
25.05.2019Tamworth Phoenix22Sheffield Giants12
26.05.2019Manchester Titans14Edinburgh Wolves0
Week 8
01.06.2019Tamworth Phoenix42Leicester Falcons9
Week 9
09.06.2019Sheffield Giants14Leicester Falcons12
09.06.2019Edinburgh Wolves12Merseyside Nighthawks33
Week 10
15.06.2019Tamworth Phoenix0Manchester Titans21
16.06.2019Merseyside Nighthawks20Sheffield Giants0
16.06.2019Leicester Falcons10Edinburgh Wolves0
Week 11
23.06.2019Leicester Falcons7Tamworth Phoenix28
23.06.2019Sheffield Giants33Edinburgh Wolves8
23.06.2019Manchester Titans43Merseyside Nighthawks3
Week 12
30.06.2019Edinburgh Wolves17Manchester Titans6
Week 13
06.07.2019Tamworth Phoenix48Edinburgh Wolves0
07.07.2019Manchester Titans49Sheffield Giants30
07.07.2019Merseyside Nighthawks50Leicester Falcons0
Week 14
21.07.2019Leicester Falcons6Manchester Titans38
Week 15
28.07.2019Sheffield Giants22Merseyside Nighthawks22
28.07.2019Manchester Titans17Tamworth Phoenix21
28.07.2019Edinburgh Wolves47Leicester Falcons6
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Regular Season Results Premiership South

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
21.04.2019London Warriors85Farnham Knights0
21.04.2019London Blitz33Bristol Aztecs2
Week 2
28.04.2019London Blitz41Farnham Knights0
Week 3
05.05.2019London Warriors46London Blitz15
05.05.2019London Olympians33Kent Exiles23
Week 4
12.05.2019Bristol Aztecs0Kent Exiles9
12.05.2019London Olympians14London Blitz21
Week 5
19.05.2019London Warriors38Bristol Aztecs0
19.05.2019Kent Exiles7London Blitz42
19.05.2019Farnham Knights13London Olympians39
Week 6
26.05.2019London Warriors71Kent Exiles6
26.05.2019Farnham Knights0London Blitz33
Week 7
02.06.2019Farnham Knights0London Warriors70
02.06.2019Bristol Aztecs36London Olympians20
Week 8
09.06.2019Farnham Knights9Bristol Aztecs26
Week 9
16.06.2019Farnham Knights28Kent Exiles13
16.06.2019London Olympians7London Warriors54
Week 10
23.06.2019London Olympians68Farnham Knights6
23.06.2019Kent Exiles17Bristol Aztecs12
23.06.2019London Blitz7London Warriors54
Week 11
30.06.2019Kent Exiles8London Olympians28
30.06.2019Bristol Aztecs8London Blitz20
Week 12
07.07.2019London Olympians10Bristol Aztecs11
07.07.2019Kent Exiles0London Warriors80
Week 13
21.07.2019London Warriors58London Olympians0
21.07.2019Bristol Aztecs30Farnham Knights0
21.07.2019London Blitz42Kent Exiles0
Week 14
28.07.2019London Blitz15London Olympians14
28.07.2019Bristol Aztecs0London Warriors55
28.07.2019Kent Exiles19Farnham Knights0
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London Warriors again won the British American Football Association National Leagues Premiership Title, defeating Tamworth Phoenix 56-29 in the Final, Britbowl 33. They had dominated the season throughout, winning all 10 games during the regular season, amassing 611 points while only conceding 35, before trouncing Manchester Titans 63-0 in the Semi-Finals. The other Semi-Finalists were London Blitz who had finished on a 8-2-0 record in the Premiership South. Tamworth were Premiership North Champions with a 9-1-0 record, while Manchester Titans had finished 7-3-0. Other teams competing were Merseyside Nighthawks (6-3-1), Edinburgh Wolves (3-7-0), Sheffield Giants (2-7-1) and Leicester Falcons (2-8-0) in the Premiership North and Bristol Aztecs (4-6-0), London Olympians (4-6-0), Kent Exiles (3-7-0) and Farnham Knights (1-9-0) in the Premiership South.

Britbowl 33 Premiership Final Video

BAFA National Leagues Premiership Britbowl 33 2019 Video [Reference: ]



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