National Flag Football Association (UK) Youth League 1998


NFFA Youth League 1998PWLTPFPAPct
Northern Conference
Doncaster Wildcats (C)66001.000
UCLA Renegades (P)6420.667
Steel City Warriors7250.214
Hull Rockets6060.000
Southern Conference
Brighton B-52s (C)5410.800
Fen Harriers (P)6231.438
Milton Keynes Pathfinders4121.375
[References: Compiled from Results in 1-11]

Note: Three Weeks Results Unknown

DateHome TeamAway Team
24.07.1998Brighton B-52s20UCLA Renegades26
24.07.1998Doncaster Wildcats66Fen Harriers0
Plate FinalRickley Park, Milton Keynes
09.08.1998Milton Keynes Pathfinders6Steel City Warriors20
3rd PlaceRickley Park, Milton Keynes
09.08.1998Brighton B-52sFen Harriers
NFFA FinalNorman Green Stadium, Solihull
09.08.1998Doncaster Wildcats32UCLA Renegades8
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Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
03.05.1998Steel City Warriors0Doncaster Wildcats72
03.05.1998Hull Rockets0 #UCLA Renegades1
03.05.1998Brighton B-52s22Fen Harriers6
Week 2Inter-Conference
10.05.1998Steel City Warriors6Brighton B-52s20
10.05.1998UCLA Renegades40Fen Harriers8
10.05.1998Milton Keynes Pathfinders1Hull Rockets0 #
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
31.05.1998UCLA Renegades0Doncaster Wildcats40
31.05.1998Steel City Warriors1Hull Rockets0 #
31.05.1998Milton Keynes Pathfinders14Fen Harriers22
Week 6
Week 7
14.06.1998Mid-Season Break
Week 8
21.06.1998Doncaster Wildcats74Steel City Warriors0
21.06.1998UCLA Renegades1Hull Rockets0 #
21.06.1998Fen Harriers0Brighton B-52s28
Week 9
28.06.1998Brighton B-52s8Doncaster Wildcats40
28.06.1998Fen Harriers52Steel City Warriors0
Week 10
05.07.1998Steel City Warriors8UCLA Renegades44
05.07.1998Hull Rockets0 #Doncaster Wildcats1
05.07.1998Milton Keynes Pathfinders8Brighton B-52s42
Week 11
12.07.1998UCLA Renegades0 #Doncaster Wildcats1
12.07.1998Hull Rockets0 #Steel City Warriors1
12.07.1998Fen Harriers14Milton Keynes Pathfinders14
[References: 1-11]


Doncaster Wildcats 32 UCLA Renegades 8 – After falling behind early to a Adam Reagan TD reception from QB Simon Bamford, which was converted for 2 points by a Ben Ireland kick, Doncaster Wildcats fulfilled their promise and made up for 1997’s Final disappointment by scoring four unanswered touchdowns to win 32-8. First Michael Jones received a 27 yard TD pass from Quarterback Gordon Lightfoot, before Andrew Caldbeck added two touchdown receptions from Lightfoot either side of a 31 yard scramble into the endzone by Gordon Lightfoot.

At Norman Green Stadium, SolihullH1H2Total
Doncaster Wildcats32
UCLA Renegades8
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UCLAAdam Reagan 3 yd Pass from Simon Bamford (Ben Ireland 2xpt Kick)0-8
DONMichael Jones 27 yd Pass from Gordon Lightfoot (Michael Jones 2xpt Kick)8-8
DONAndrew Caldbeck 44 yd Pass from Gordon Lightfoot (2xpt Kick Good)16-8
DONGordon Lightfoot 31 yd Run (2xpt Kick Good)24-8
DONAndrew Caldbeck 28 yd Pass from Gordon Lightfoot (2xpt Kick Good)32-8
[References: 13]

Season Report

Doncaster Wildcats blazed through the season winning in style and completely outclassing all opponents in the 1998 National Flag Football Association’s Youth League. The Wildcats, having experienced bitter disappointment in the 1997 Final to Brighton B-52s made absolutely no mistake this time around. All games were won by at least 30 points with the Wildcats scoring 40 or more on each occasion and only allowing two touchdowns all season, one to the previous years’ Champions Brighton B-52s and one more in the 1998 Final to UCLA Renegades of Boston in Lincolnshire. Brighton B-52s won the Southern Conference Title. The 1998 season was the first to feature Inter-Conference North v South play.

The NFFA replaced the Junior Gridiron League of 1993 to 1997, and Birmingham Raiders, Peterborough Centurions, Worthing Guardians, Edenbridge Knights and the entire South West Conference of Plymouth Commodores, Bristol Aztecs and Bournemouth Renegades failed to return from 1997 as the number of Conferences was reduced from 4 to 2 and the number of teams from 14 to 7. With Hull Rockets failing to start the season having signed up and only one new team in Milton Keynes Pathfinders, there were less than 50% of the teams in 1998 that there were in 1997.

UCLA Renegades, based in Boston, Lincolnshire, featured players with Irish names: Ben Ireland and Adam Reagan.


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