British American Football Association Senior League Division 1 1998

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Final Standings

North Conference
Birmingham Bulls (C)1091025947.900
Sheffield Saxons (P)1063117294.650
Nottingham Caesars10550144170.500
Gateshead Senators10451133227.450
Merseyside Nighthawks1036171178.350
Staffordshire Surge1018194157.150
South East Conference
London O’s (C)101000501301.000
Norwich Devils (P)10730133178.700
Essex Chiefs (P)10640202158.600
Ipswich Cardinals10460145248.400
Cambridge Cats1028063242.200
Redbridge Fire1019058246.100
South West
Sussex Thunder (C) 101000376541.000
Bristol Aztecs (P)10730144169.700
Oxford Saints (P)10550250204.500
PA Knights10460163193.400
London Blitz10460127218.400
Plymouth Admirals10010088310.000
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DateHome TeamAway Team
09.08.1998London O’s43Oxford Saints7
09.08.1998Sussex Thunder40Essex Chiefs14
09.08.1998Birmingham Bulls34Sheffield Saxons12
09.08.1998Bristol Aztecs22Norwich Devils21
16.08.1998London O’s28Bristol Aztecs0
16.08.1998Sussex Thunder26Birmingham Bulls24
23.08.1998London O’s20Sussex Thunder0
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Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
19.04.1998Birmingham Bulls12Sheffield Saxons6
19.04.1998Ipswich Cardinals14Norwich Devils15
19.04.1998Essex Chiefs28Cambridge Cats6
19.04.1998London O’s64Redbridge Fire6
Week 2
26.04.1998Redbridge Fire0Cambridge Cats6
26.04.1998Bristol Aztecs13Plymouth Admirals0
26.04.1998PA Knights0Sussex Thunder53
Week 3
03.05.1998Oxford Saints13Sussex Thunder39
03.05.1998Norwich Devils0London O’s40
03.05.1998Essex Chiefs26Redbridge Fire0
03.05.1998Plymouth Admirals20London Blitz28
03.05.1998Sheffield Saxons41Nottingham Caesars6
03.05.1998Gateshead Senators24Merseyside Nighthawks8
Week 4
10.05.1998Birmingham Bulls28Staffordshire Surge6
10.05.1998Cambridge Cats12Ipswich Cardinals16
10.05.1998Essex Chiefs30Norwich Devils19
10.05.1998Merseyside Nighthawks6Sheffield Saxons20
10.05.1998PA Knights9Bristol Aztecs10
Week 5
17.05.1998Bristol Aztecs14Sussex Thunder24
17.05.1998Ipswich Cardinals27Redbridge Fire0
17.05.1998Gateshead Senators13Birmingham Bulls45
17.05.1998London Blitz22Oxford Saints6
17.05.1998Plymouth Admirals6PA Knights27
17.05.1998Staffordshire Surge28Nottingham Caesars20
Week 6
24.05.1998Sussex Thundcer36London Blitz0
24.05.1998Redbridge Fire6Norwich Devils30
24.05.1998Sheffield Saxons33Gateshead Senators14
24.05.1998Essex Chiefs18London O’s26
24.05.1998Oxford Saints49Plymouth Admirals0
24.05.1998Nottingham Caesars12Merseyside Nighthawks7
Week 7
31.05.1998Ipswich Cardinals22Essex Chiefs48
31.05.1998Gateshead Senators21Nottingham Caesars33
31.05.1998Merseyside Nighthawks3Birmingham Bulls29
31.05.1998Oxford Saints54Bristol Aztecs17
Week 8
07.06.1998London Blitz0PA Knights12
07.06.1998London O’s73Ipswich Cardinals6
07.06.1998Norwich Devils6Cambridge Cats3
07.06.1998Plymouth Admirals0Sussex Thunder60
Week 9
14.06.1998Ipswich Cardinals12Cambridge Cats6
14.06.1998London Blitz42Plymouth Admirals20
14.06.1998Merseyside Nighthawks8Gateshead Senators27
14.06.1998Nottingham Caesars9Sheffield Saxons0
14.06.1998Redbridge Fire14Essex Chiefs12
14.06.1998Staffordshire Surge6Birmingham Bulls23
14.06.1998Sussex Thundcer41Oxford Saints9
Week 10
21.06.1998Birmingham Bulls42Merseyside Nighthawks0
21.06.1998Bristol Aztecs22PA Knights21
21.06.1998Gateshead Senators6Sheffield Saxons36
21.06.1998Plymouth Admirals20Oxford Saints51
Week 11
28.06.1998Cambridge Cats3Norwich Devils26
28.06.1998London O’s37Essex Chiefs0
28.06.1998Nottingham Caesars35Staffordshire Surge24
28.06.1998PA Knights16London Blitz20
28.06.1998Redbridge Fire18Ipswich Cardinals24
28.06.1998Sussex Thunder43Bristol Aztecs8
Week 12
05.07.1998Ipswich Cardinals0London O’s47
05.07.1998Essex Chiefs28Cambridge Cats14
05.07.1998London Blitz0Sussex Thunder48
05.07.1998Merseyside Nighthawks21Nottingham Caesars16
05.07.1998Norwich Devils6Redbridge Fire0
05.07.1998Plymouth Admirals8Bristol Aztecs14
05.07.1998Sheffield Saxons13Birmingham Bulls19
05.07.1998Oxford Saints30PA Knights14
05.07.1998Gateshead Senators1Staffordshire Surge 0 #
Week 13
12.07.1998Birmingham Bulls51Gateshead Senators0
12.07.1998Bristol Aztecs14Oxford Saints7
12.07.1998Cambridge Cats0London O’s56
12.07.1998Essex Chiefs12Ipswich Cardinals8
12.07.1998PA Knights26Plymouth Admirals14
12.07.1998Sheffield SaxonsMerseyside Nighthawks
Week 14
19.07.1998Norwich Devils12Essex Chiefs0
19.07.1998Nottingham Caesars13Gateshead Senators28
19.07.1998Redbridge Fire0London O’s38
19.07.1998Staffordshire Surge0 #Sheffield Saxons1
19.07.1998Oxford Saints27London Blitz12
19.07.1998Sussex Thunder1Plymouth Admirals0 #
Week 15
26.07.1998Cambridge Cats13Redbridge Fire12
26.07.1998Ipswich Cardinals16Norwich Devils17
26.07.1998London Blitz3Bristol Aztecs22
26.07.1998Merseyside Nighthawks18Staffordshire Surge8
26.07.1998Sussex Thunder32PA Knights10
Week 16
02.08.1998London O’s64Norwich Devils0
02.08.1998PA Knights25Oxford Saints6
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London O’s won the British American Football Association Senior League Division 1 (the top level in Britain) with a 20-0 victory over Sussex Thunder in the Final (Brit Bowl). Three of the four teams in the British Independent Gridiron Conference (Big C) which had split off to form their own Super League in 1997 were back in the fold, with only Milton Keynes Pioneers staying out, scheduling an Independent set of matches against European, British and Irish opposition. The O’s were the former London Olympians but had lost their name when the owner and founder left the team after the 1997 season.

Birmingham Bulls won the North Conference with a 9-1 record and Sussex Thunder and London O’s won the South West and South East Conferences respectively, both undefeated on 10-0. Also making the playoffs were Sheffield Saxons (North, 6-3-1), Norwich Devils (SE, 7-3), Essex Chiefs (merger of Basildon Chiefs and Southend Sabres, SE 6-4), Bristol Aztecs (SW 7-3) and Oxford Saints (SW 5-5). Sussex Thunder narrowly defeated Birmingham Bulls 26-24 in the Semi-Finals, while London O’s had an easier time against Bristol Aztecs, although only won 28-0 in the end. Staffordshire Surge (Stoke, North 1-8-1) and Plymouth Admirals (SW 0-10) both pulled out of the league in the last few weeks, forfeiting their remaining fixtures. Other teams were Gateshead Senators (North, 4-5-1), Merseyside Nighthawks (North, 3-6-1), Ipswich Cardinals (SE, 4-6), Cambridge Cats (SE, 2-8), Redbridge Fire (East London, SE 1-9), Personal Assurance Knights (Amersham, Berkshire, SW 4-6) and London Blitz (SW, 4-6).

Ireland coach Kurt Smeby signed on as Assistant Coach for the Redbridge Fire. He had previously coached Northants Storm.


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