The Spring League 2017

The Spring League Logo [Ref: 1]

Final Standings

Team North110014101.000
Team West11001061.000
Team South10101014.000
Team East1010610.000
The Spring League Final Standings 2017 [References: 2-4]


DateHome TeamAway Team
16.04.2017Team West10Team East6
16.04.2017Team North14Team South10
The Spring League Final Standings 2017 [References: 2-4]


Team North defeated Team Team South 14-10, and Team West won 10-6 against Team East in The Spring League’s first season in 2017.


The Spring League is a AAA showcase league which plays all its’ games in one city to enable talent scouts from the NFL and CFL to view all the players in one location. As of March 23, 2020, the Spring League had seen 229 players sign professional contracts with Major or AAA Leagues since its’ first season in 2017: 90 with the National Football League, 51 with the Canadian Football League, 55 with the Alliance of American Football (AAA League 2019) and 33 with the XFL (AAA League 2020) [Ref: 5]



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[5] The Spring League (2020) Post March 23, 2020: ″Since 2017, the year #TheSpringLeague began play, 229 of our players have been signed to pro football contracts #NFL: 90 #CFL: 51 #AAF: 55 #XFL: 33″ [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 8 June 2020]


Thanks to Todd Zboyan, Decy Maher, Sean Douglas, Anton Pippo O’Grady, Joe Grey, Brianna Wallace & Heather Foust.

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