California Winter League 1927

CWL 1927

Los Angeles Buccaneers (C)53205643.600
New York Yankees42207443.500
Los Angeles Wildcats22004571.000
Duluth Eskimoes52303934.400
Hollywood Generals31201979.333
California All-Stars3120936.333
California Winter League 1927 [Ref: Compiled from Results in: 1]

Note: Includes Championship Series (C) Champions.

DateTeam 1Team 2
Championship Series
30.01.1927New York Yankees14Los Angeles Buccaneers0
06.02.1927Los Angeles Buccaneers7New York Yankees6
California Winter League Championship series 1927 [Ref: 1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
18.12.1927California All-Stars0Duluth Eskimoes19
25.12.1927Hollywood Generals6Duluth Eskimoes3
26.12.1927California All-Stars9Duluth Eskimoes7
02.01.1927California All-Stars0Duluth Eskimoes10
09.01.1927Los Angeles Buccaneers19Duluth Eskimoes0
09.01.1927Los Angeles Wildcats28Hollywood Generals7
16.01.1927Los Angeles Buccaneers30New York Yankees6
23.01.1927Hollywood Generals6New York Yankees48
23.01.1927Los Angeles Wildcats17Los Angeles Buccaneers0


In the Winter of January-February 1927 & 1928, some of the top teams in the National Football League & American Football League played in a Winter League in California, following the end of the Fall (Autumn) NFL & AFL seasons. The teams included star players from college teams in California and were dubbed after the teams’ star NFL & AFL players. e.g. the Nevers Eskimoes were the Duluth Eskimoes of the NFL with star player, Ernie Nevers.

The Duluth Eskimoes opened with 19-0 victory over the California All-Stars, a Pacific Coast Football League All-Star team made up of players from the Oakland and San Francisco franchises. They then lost to both the Hollywood Generals and California All-Stars, before winning the third match against the All-Stars, and finishing their tour with a loss to the Los Angeles Buccaneers (dubbed Muller’s Californians by the Press). The Los Angeles Wildcats also beat the Hollywood Generals on that day.

The New York Yankees, with star player, Red Grange then started their tour the following week (16 January 1927), with a loss to the Los Angeles Buccaneers, and then beating the Hollywood Generals. The same day the Los Angeles Wildcats beat the Los Angeles Buccaneers 17-0, but were not invited to the season ending series of games as they were not the draw the organizers wanted.

Instead, the Los Angeles Buccaneers met the New York Yankees for a shot at the title, and lost the first match 14-0, before winning the second, and last match 7-6, to finish the seson with three wins, and the unofficial Champions.

The League was essentially a AAA League/Major League Rival to the NFL from 1927-1928, featuring both star NFL & AFL teamxs and players and teams and players from the Semi-Pro Pacific Coast Football League and Californian College players.

Teams & Star Players

TeamNFL/AFL/PCFL TeamStar Players
Muller’s CaliforniansLos Angeles Buccaneers (NFL)Brick Muller
Wilson’s WildcatsLos Angeles Wildcats (AFL)Wildcat Wilson
Grange’s YankeesNew York Yankees (AFL Fall 1926)Red Grange
Nevers’ EskimoesDuluth Eskimoes (NFL)Ernie Nevers
Hollywood GeneralsHollywood Generals (PCFL)Semi-Pro Team
California All-StarsOakland and San Francisco (PCFL)Semi-Pro Team
California Winter League Teams and Star Players 1927 [Ref: 1]

Reference: [1]

Bob Gill (2009) Seasons in the Sun – The California winter league of 1927 and ’28 The Coffin Corner Volume 31,No. 1, Pro Football Researchers Association (2009)[Internet] Available from:’s/CC-31-1.pdf [Accessed 20 October 2019]


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