Other Football

United States Armed Forces Football

Among the earliest verifiable American Football Leagues or Associations in Europe are the American Expeditionary Force Football League of WWI which was played in France at the conclusion of the War. There was a European Theater of Operations Football Championship (WWII) in Northern Ireland in 1942, which spread to England and Wales in 1943-1944. Following WWII, the United States found itself almost immediately in a War with Communist Russia, and American Football Leagues were set up in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain & Greece (The United States Air Force in Europe – USAFE – Football League & United States ARmy EURope Football League – USAREUR) which ran right to the end of the Cold War.  One USAREUR League, the Northern Italian League, became the genesis of a National League in Italy featuring Homegrown teams.

World War I & II

AEFFL (1914-1919); ETO (1940-1945)

World War I (France – Navy & Army)

American Expeditionary Force Football League 1918-1919

AEFFL (Seasons): 1918 1919

World War II (UK & North Africa – Army & Air Force)

European Theater of Operations Championship 1942-1944

ETO Football Championship (Seasons): Autumn 1942 Spring 1943 Autumn 1943 Spring 1944 Autumn 1944

Picture Credit: [14] Belfast Blitzers | Facebook (2019) Photo 22 August 2019 [Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/belfastblitzers/photos/pcb.2260513057393170/2260507127393763/?type=3&theater [Accessed 23 August 2019]

US Forces in Japan


US Forces Japan-American Football League (Seasons): 2009

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US Armed Forces Teams with Irish Connections


Teams stationed in Ireland

World War II

Hale Blue Devils | European Theater of Operations American Football Team in Ireland | Team Roster & Match Reports 1942

Teams with Irish Nicknames

World War II

Albuquerque AAB Flying Kelleys US Air Force Team 1942

Picture Credit: [10] Belfast Blitzers | Facebook (2019) Post 21 August 2019: “ As promised, a never before seen photo of the game held at Ravenhill in 1942. “ [Internet] Available from: https://www.facebook.com/belfastblitzers/photos/pcb.2258995414211601/2258986244212518/?type=3&theater [Accessed 23 August 2019]

High School Football

High School Football has often bee likened to a religion in the United States of America. There are many teams named after the Fighting Irish or similar Irish connections, with teams based in towns and cities named Dublin, Baltimore and other Irish town names.

Included in this record are Irish-born players who have played High School Football in USA.

High School Football

Ohio; Georgia; Washington

National Champions

USA High School Football National Champions 2001-2020

Ohio High School Football (Seasons): 1904

Georgia High School Football Association

Georgia High School Association Football Champions AA and A 1947-Present

Washington Interscholastic Activities Association

Washington Interscholastic Activities Association High School Football Championships 4A 1973-Present

Picture Credit: [3] Stadium Connection (2020) Shamrock Bowl ‘Home of the Fighting irish’ [Internet] Available from: http://stadiumconnection.com/simages/1440.jpg [Accessed 30 April 2020