Leinster Hockey | Ladies Division 1 2019-20

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Corinthians 1st1100513
Trinity College 1st1100203
Genesis 1st1100103
Clontarf 1st1010331
Naas 1st1010331
Monkstown 1st1010111
Glenanne 1st1010111
Rathgar 1st1001010
Avoca 1st1001020
North Kildare 1st1001150

Reference: [1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
28.09.2019Corinthians 1st5North Kildare 1st1
28.09.2019Genesis 1st1Rathgar 1st0
28.09.2019Naas 1st3Clontarf 1st3
28.09.2019Trinity College 1st2Avoca 1st0
28.09.2019Monkstown 1st1Glenanne 1st1
Week 2
12.10.2019Glenanne 1stCorinthians 1st
12.10.2019Naas 1stMonkstown 1st
12.10.2019Trinity College 1stGenesis 1st
12.10.2019Avoca 1stNorth Kildare 1st
12.10.2019Clontarf 1stRathgar 1st
Week 3
19.10.2019Corinthians 1stAvoca 1st
19.10.2019Glenanne 1stClontarf 1st
19.10.2019Monkstown 1stGenesis 1st
19.10.2019Naas 1stTrinity College 1st
19.10.2019Rathgar 1stNorth Kildare 1st
Week 4
02.11.2019Glenanne 1stGenesis 1st
02.11.2019Avoca 1stMonkstown 1st
02.11.2019Clontarf 1stNorth Kildare 1st
02.11.2019Corinthians 1stNaas 1st
02.11.2019Rathgar 1stTrinity College 1st

Reference: [1]



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Thanks to Margaret Williams (UCD).

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