Irish Harness Racing Association All Ireland Series 2020

Irish Harness Racing Association Logo 2020 [Reference: 1]
Irish Harness Racing Association Logo 2020 [Reference: 1]
RaceHorse / Race NameDriverDistanceTimePrizemoney
1IHRA Apprentice Championship Final
Silvano BelloEoin Murphy12.07.06€996
2Pace Grade G & G1 HCP
Newtown AlanaWayne McNevin11.252.09.04€309
3Conditioned F Trot
(New on Hard Track 2020)
BelkalinjaDonal Murphy1.252.09.01€918
4Grade F & E Trot
Extrem RyldGavin Murdock4.252.06.07€918
5Red Mills All IrelandPace Series Final
Fairdays WesternJonathan Cowden9.751.59.2€2375
6Trot Grade D-B HCP
Bibi DairpetDonal Murphy12.07.3€1074
7Red Mills All IrelandTrot Series Final
Curly de LayonMartin Loughran4.753.10.6€2800
8Pace Grade F-D HCP
King Wills ArrivalOisin Quill62.02.4€335
9Red Mills All Ireland SeriesTrot Consolation Final
BuilianoBilly Roche2.53.13.0€1446
[Reference: 2]

IHRA TV Final Video

A Video Clip of the Final is Available at IHRA TV for $100 Yearly subscription for All Races Here: [Last Accessed 29 December 2020]


Fairdays Western, trained by Kevin Corey and driven by Jonathan Cowden won five out of 6 races, including the Final in the Irish Harness Racing Association All Ireland Pacer Series Final in Portmarnock Raceway on 22nd November 2020. The All Ireland Trotter Series Champion was Curly de Layon, trained by David Loughran and Driven by Martn Loughran, winning four out of six races, including the Final.

IHRA All Ireland Pace Series Champion 2020 Fairdays Western driven by Jonathan Cowden [Reference: 4]

About Harness Racing

Harness Racing is Pony & Trap Racing, whereby a Horse and Driver race around a cicuit with the first past the Finish Line the Winner. Standardbred Horses are employed. Pacer is identified by the gait of the horse, with the horses leg moving one side at a time; this is historically the most popular in Ireland, as well as USA, Australia and New Zealand. In Trotter is a two-beat diagonal gait of the horse where the diagonal pairs of legs move forward at the same time with a moment of suspension between each beat. It is tradtionally the most popular in Europe, but is becoming more popular in Ireland. [Reference: 4]



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