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Pegasus 6501151015
Pembroke Wanderers 640214912
Old Alex 640211912
UCD 631210710
Loreto HC 531110710
Railway Union 5212897
Catholic Institute 51139134
Cork Harlequins 60247132
Belfast Harlequins 50146121

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Results & Fixtures

DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 1
09.11.19Catholic Institute3Muckross3
09.11.19Cork Harlequins1UCD1
09.11.19Old Alex2Belfast Harlequins0
09.11.19Pembroke Wanderers3Loreto HC2
09.11.19Railway Union0Pegasus1
Round 2
16.11.19Belfast Harlequins2Cork Harlequins2
16.11.19Loreto HC1UCD0
16.11.19Muckross1Old Alex2
16.11.19Pegasus4Catholic Institute2
16.11.19Railway Union1Pembroke Wanderers4
Round 3
17.11.19Belfast Harlequins2Catholic Institute3
17.11.19Loreto HC1Muckross1
17.11.19Old Alex1Railway Union3
17.11.19Pegasus1Cork Harlequins0
17.11.19UCD1Pembroke Wanderers0
Round 4
23.11.19Belfast Harlequins1UCD3
23.11.19Catholic Institute0Old Alex2
23.11.19Cork Harlequins0Pembroke Wanderers2
23.11.19Loreto HC3Pegasus2
23.11.19Muckross2Railway Union2
Round 5
30.11.19Muckross4Cork Harlequins2
30.11.19Old Alex1Loreto HC3
30.11.19Pembroke Wanderers2Belfast Harlequins1
30.11.19Railway Union2Catholic Institute1
Round 6
07.12.19Catholic InstitutepLoreto HCp
07.12.19Cork Harlequins2Old Alex3
07.12.19Pegasus4Pembroke Wanderers3
07.12.19Railway UnionpBelfast Harlequinsp
Round 7
14.12.19Belfast HarlequinsPegasus
14.12.19Catholic InstituteCork Harlequins
14.12.19Loreto HCRailway Union
14.12.19Pembroke WanderersMuckross
14.12.19UCDOld Alex
Round 8
01.02.20Cork HarlequinsRailway Union
01.02.20Loreto HCBelfast Harlequins
01.02.20Old AlexPembroke Wanderers
01.02.20UCDCatholic Institute
Round 9
08.02.20Belfast HarlequinsMuckross
08.02.20Cork HarlequinsLoreto HC
08.02.20PegasusOld Alex
08.02.20Pembroke WanderersCatholic Institute
08.02.20Railway UnionUCD
Round 10
15.02.20Belfast HarlequinsOld Alex
15.02.20Loreto HCPembroke Wanderers
15.02.20MuckrossCatholic Institute
15.02.20PegasusRailway Union
15.02.20UCDCork Harlequins
Round 11
22.02.20Catholic InstitutePegasus
22.02.20Cork HarlequinsBelfast Harlequins
22.02.20Old AlexMuckross
22.02.20Pembroke WanderersRailway Union
22.02.20UCDLoreto HC
Round 12
29.02.20Cork HarlequinsCatholic Institute
29.02.20MuckrossPembroke Wanderers
29.02.20Old AlexUCD
29.02.20PegasusBelfast Harlequins
29.02.20Railway UnionLoreto HC
Round 13
07.03.20Old AlexCatholic Institute
07.03.20PegasusLoreto HC
07.03.20Pembroke WanderersCork Harlequins
07.03.20Railway UnionMuckross
07.03.20UCDBelfast Harlequins
Round 14
14.03.20Belfast HarlequinsPembroke Wanderers
14.03.20Catholic InstituteRailway Union
14.03.20Cork HarlequinsMuckross
14.03.20Loreto HCOld Alex
Round 15
21.03.20Belfast HarlequinsRailway Union
21.03.20Loreto HCCatholic Institute
21.03.20Old AlexCork Harlequins
21.03.20Pembroke WanderersPegasus
Round 16
04.04.20Catholic InstituteBelfast Harlequins
04.04.20Cork HarlequinsPegasus
04.04.20MuckrossLoreto HC
04.04.20Pembroke WanderersUCD
04.04.20Railway UnionOld Alex
Round 17
18.04.20Belfast HarlequinsLoreto HC
18.04.20Catholic InstituteUCD
18.04.20Pembroke WanderersOld Alex
18.04.20Railway UnionCork Harlequins
Round 18
25.04.20Catholic InstitutePembroke Wanderers
25.04.20Loreto HCCork Harlequins
25.04.20MuckrossBelfast Harlequins
25.04.20Old AlexPegasus
25.04.20UCDRailway Union

Reference: [1]



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[2] Hockey Ireland (2017) Hockey Ireland Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 29 May 2017]


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