Pro Kabaddi (India) 2013-Present

Pro Kabaddi 2013 Season 1

Jaipur Pink Panthers141031054
U Mumba14833051
Bangaluru Bulls14851047
Patna Pirates14752045
Telugu Titans14653042
Dabang Delhi KC14581032
Bengal Warriors14491024
Puneri Paltan142120017
Pro Kabaddi Standings 2013 [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
29.08.2013Jaipur Pink Panthers38Patna Pirates18
29.08.2013U Mumba27Bangaluru Bulls23
3rd/4th Place
31.08.2013Patna Pirates29Bangaluru Bulls22
31.08.2013Jaipur Pink Panthers35U Mumba24
Pro Kabaddi 2013 Season 1 Playoffs [Reference: 2]

Pro Kabaddi 2014 Season 2

U Mumba1412204060
Teelugu Titans148328550
Bangaluru Bulls149505548
Patna Pirates14761-1841
Jaipur Pink Panthers146714338
Bengal Warriors14491-6327
Dabang Delhi KC14491-6827
Puneri Paltan142111-7421
Pro Kabaddi Standings 2014 [Reference: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
21.08.2014Telugu Titans38Benghaluru Bulls31
21.08.2014U Mumba35Patna Pirates18
3rd/4th Place
23.08.2014Patna Pirates26Telugu Titans34
23.08.2014U Mumba36Bengaluru Bulls30
Pro Kabaddi 2014 Season 2 Playoffs [Reference: 2]

Pro Kabaddi 2015 Season 3

U Mumba1412209560
Patna Pirates14102210458
Puneri Paltan147439248
Bengal Warriors149502647
Telugu Titans14770-1038
Jaipur Pink Panthers14482-6328
Bengaluru Bulls142120-10214
Dabang Delhi KC141121-14211
Pro Kabaddi Standings 2015 [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
04.03.2015Patna Pirates40Puneri Paltan21
04.03.2015U Mumba41Bengal Warriors29
3rd/4th Place
05.03.2015Bengal Warriors27Puneri Paltan31
05.03.2015U Mumba28Patna Pirates31
Pro Kabaddi 2015 Season 3 Playoffs [Reference: 2]

Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4

Patna Pirates1410401452
Telugu Titans148426750
Jaipur Pink Panthers148512247
Puneri Paltan146622342
U Mumba14761-1842
Bengaluru Bulls14581-5532
Dabang Delhi KC14491729
Bengal Warriors14392-6026
Pro Kabaddi Standings 2016 [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
29.07.2016Patna Pirates37Punero Paltan33
29.07.2016Telugu Titans24Jaipur Pink Panthers34
3rd/4th Place
31.07.2016Telugi Titans35Puneri Paltan40
31.07.2016Patna Pirates37Jaipur Pink Panthers29
Pro Kabaddi Playoffs 2016 Season 4 [Reference: 2]

Pro Kabaddi 2017 Season 5

Zone A
Gujarat Fortunegiants22154312587
Puneri Paltan2215709180
Haryana Steelers2213544079
U Mumba2210120-5056
Jaipur Pink Panthers228131-9151
Dabang Delhi KC225161-13438
Zone B
Bengal Warriors2211541977
Patna Pirates2210756071
UP Yoddha228104260
Bengaluru Bulls2281131057
Telugu Titans227123-252
Tamil Thalaivas226142-7146
Pro Kabaddi Standings 2017 [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Eliminators 1-2
23.10.2017Puneri Paltan40UP Yoddha38
23.10.2017Patna Pirates69Haryana Steelers40
Qualifier 1
24.10.2017Gujarat Fortunegiants42Bengal Warriors17
Eliminator 3
24.10.2017Puneri Paltan32Patna Pirates42
Qualifier 2
26.10.2017Bengal Warriors44Patna Pirates47
28.10.2017Gujarat Fortunegiants38Patna Pirates55
Pro Kabaddi Playoffs 2017 Season 5 [Reference: 2]

Pro Kabaddi 2018 Season 6

Zone A
*Gujarat Fortunegiants22163211793
*U Mumba22155218986
*Dabang Delhi KC221192-168
Puneri Paltan228122-4552
Jaipur Pink Panthers226133-6943
Haryana Steelers226142-9142
Zone B
*Bengaluru Bulls22137210478
*Bengal Warriors221282269
*UP Yoddha228104-4557
Patna Pirates229112-3655
Telugu Titans228131-5551
Tamil Thalaivas225134-7042
Pro Kabaddi Standings 2018 [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Eliminators 1-2
30.12.2018U Mumba29UP Yoddha34
30.12.2018Dabang Delhi KC39Bengal Warriors28
Qualifier 1
31.12.2018Gujarat Fortunegiants29Bangaluru Bulls41
Eliminator 3
31.12.2018UP Yoddha45Dabang Delhi KC33
Qualifier 2
03.01.2019Gujarat Fortunegiants38UP Yoddha31
05.01.2019Bangaluru Bulls38Gujarat Fortunegiants33
Pro Kabaddi Playoffs 2018 Season 6 [Reference: 2]

Pro Kabaddi 2019 Season 7

*Dabang Delhi KC2215426685
*Bangal Warriors2214537183
*UP Yoddha221372974
*U Mumba2212824772
*Haryana Steelers2213811571
*Bangaluru Bulls22111011654
Jaipur Pink Panthers229112-1358
Patna Pirates2281312951
Gujarat Fortunegiants2271321851
Puneri Paltan227123-7248
Telugu Titans226133-6745
Tamil Thalaivas224153-11937
Pro Kabaddi Standings 2019 [Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
14.10.2019UP Yoddha45Bangaluru Bulls48
14.10.2019U Mumba46Haryana Steelers38
16.10.2019Dabang Delhi KC44Bangaluru Bulls38
16.10.2019Bengal Warriors37U Mumba35
19.10.2019Dabang Delhi KC34Bengal Warriors39
Pro Kabadi Playoffs 2019 Season 7 [Reference: 2]


Pro Kabaddi is the Pinnacle ofIndian Kabaddi.

Kabaddi is a sport Native to India, whereby teams try to tag a player on the oppposing team and get back to their own base without being tackled in the time it takes to hold their breath. Players have to keep repeating “Kabaddi Kabaddi” over and over to prove they are not breathing.

UP Yoddha Corners Sumit and Nitesh Kumar in action – they finished Top Corners in 2019 with 152 Tackles between them [Reference: 3]



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