Federation of International Lacrosse | World Lacrosse Championship Men | Ireland’s Record 2002-2018


Final Record 2002-2018

Year Final Place P W L GF GA Pct
2002 13th 5 5 0 80 12 1.000
2006 7th 7 5 2 89 62 .714
2010 9th 7 6 1 113 46 .857
2014 10th 8 6 2 157 115 .750
2018 12th 8 4 4 88 75 .500

ILF World Championship Perth 2002

Date Green Division (Div 3)
06.07.02 Ireland 16 Hong Kong 1
07.07.02 Ireland 14 Korea 5
08.07.02 Ireland 19 New Zealand 3
09.07.02 Ireland 15 Hong Kong 0
10.07.02 Ireland 16 Korea 3
Ireland 5 5 0 80 12 10
Korea 5 3 2 70 38 6
Hong Kong 5 1 4 21 64 2
New Zealand 5 1 4 22 79 2
Final Record: 13th Place P W L GF GA Pct
Ireland 5 5 0 80 12 1.000

ILF World Championship London Ontario 2006

Red Division (Div 2)
14.07.06 Ireland 19 Hong Kong 4
Ireland 15 Italy 7
Ireland 16 Scotland 9
Ireland 12 Wales 4
Ireland 4 4 0 62 24 4
Scotland 4 3 1 3
Italy 4 2 2 2
Wales 4 1 3 1
Hong Kong 4 0 4 0
Date Second Round (Quarter-Finals)
18.07.06 Ireland 5 Australia 1
Semi-Finals Day (5-8 Place)
20.07.06 Ireland 9 Japan 11
Finals Day (7-8 Place)
22.07.06 Ireland 13 Germany 5
Final Record: 7th Place P W L GF GA Pct
Ireland 7 5 2 89 62 .714

FIL World Championship Manchester 2010

Date Orange Division
16.07.10 Ireland 21 Korea 3
17.07.10 Ireland 23 Slovakia 4
18.07.10 Ireland 16 Switzerland 3
Ireland 3 3 0 60 10 3
Slovakia 3 2 1 21 33 2
Switzerland 3 1 2 15 32 1
Korea 3 0 3 15 38 0
Date Intermediate Round (Top Division)
19.07.10 Ireland 12 Sweden 7
20.07.10 Ireland 9 Scotland 15
Date Consolation Round (9-12 Place)
22.07.10 Ireland 17 Finland 6
23.07.10 Ireland 15 Sweden 8
Final Record: 9th Place P W L GF GA Pct
Ireland 7 6 1 113 46 .857

FIL World Championship Denver 2014

Date Yellow Division
11.07.14 Ireland 17 Uganda 1
12.07.14 Ireland 22 France 5
13.07.14 Ireland 14 Bermuda 5
Ireland 3 3 0 105 63 1.000
Bermuda 3 2 1 64 85 .667
France 3 1 2 50 86 .333
Uganda 3 0 3 40 78 .000
Date Intermediate Round (Top Division)
14.07.14 Ireland 9 Israel 18
15.07.14 Ireland 12 Czech Republic 10
Date Consolation Round (9-16 Place)
16.07.14 Ireland 13 Switzerland 6
17.07.14 Ireland 12 New Zealand 10
18.07.14 Ireland 6 Germany 8
Final Record: 10th Place P W L GF GA Pct
Ireland 8 6 2 157 115 .750

FIL World Championship Israel 2018

Date Yellow Division
12.07.18 Ireland 18 China 3
14.07.18 Denmark 3 Ireland 14


Yellow Division P W L GF GA Pct
Ireland 2 2 0 32 6 2
Denmark 2 1 1 17 18 1
China 2 0 2 7 32 0


Date Tournament Tree Rounds 1-3
15.07.18 Ireland 12 Latvia 7
16.07.18 Ireland 15 Italy 7
17.07.18 Israel 16 Ireland 4


Date Final Placement Rounds
Place 3
18.07.18 Ireland 10 England 11
9th Semi-Finals
19.07.18 Ireland 5 Germany 14
11th Place
20.07.18 Ireland 10 Scotland 14


Final Record: 12th Place P W L GF GA Pts
Ireland 8 4 4 88 75 4




The Irish National Team for the 2002 World Championships consisted of Americans, Canadians, Australians, South Africans and Englishmen from Irish backgrounds. The team was the brain-child of Goalie Joe Garvey and its purpose in competing at the Championships was to raise the profile of Lacrosse in Ireland. A Tout of Ireland to promote the game would follow. Ireland competed brilliantly in the Green (third) Division, winning all five matches, finishing in 13th Place.

Ireland 16 Hong Kong 1 – 6 July 2002

This was the first full men’s International played by Ireland in 70 years, and they got off to a roaring start, scoring 10 goals in the first half. Hong Kong pulled one back however Ireland ran out easy winners under the consistent attack of Peter Soden, Kevin Dowd, Brian McGettigan, and Dan Daley.[3]

Ireland 14 Korea 5 – 7 July 2002

Ireland rattled off five goals in the first quarter to keep up the momentum from Day 1. Brothers John and Dan Daley both found the net in a fast-paced game which Ireland dominated, going in 8-0 up at the half. Three more goals were scored in the first three minutes of the second half before Korea managed to steady themselves and get on the scoresheet, leaving the score 12-2 at the end of the third quarter. Pat McGee in attack and Kevin Dowd in midfieeld were tireless throughout. Ireland relaxed late in the last quarter letting the Koreans score three more goals, however Ireland ran out easy 14-5 winners.[4]

Ireland 19 New Zealand 3 – 8 July 2002

Ireland showed good communication, passing and movement in their third game of the Championships against New zealand with the confidence running high. Dan Daley and Pat McGee scored 10 goals between them as coach Richie Moran ensured the stayed fired up, running out easy 19-3 winners.[5]

Ireland 15 Hong Kong 0 – 9 July 2002

Ireland took their time getting into this match as it wasn’t until the fifth minute that Kevin Dowd opened the scoring , and then 12 minutes had elapsed before Dan Daley set up brother John for the second goal. It was a hot-tempered match with one Hong Kong player sentoff for cracking his stick off the back of an Irish players head. The second goal, however, seemed to settle the Irish team and they went in 6-0 up at half-time. John Daley had six goals in total, as Pat McGee and Dan Leidl got on the scoresheet before half-time. More goals came in the second half as Kevin Moran and John Daley got on the scoresheet. Dan Nolan scored late from a Mike Conway pass to finish off the shutout win.[6]

Ireland 16 Korea 3 – 10 July 2002

Ireland’s last match of the tournament was a re-match against the Koreans. Ireland scored four gosals in each quarter as the teams played in heavy showers. Ireland’s defence made the difference early on as Korea stuggled to get on the scoreboard until netting two in the second quarter. The Daley brothers teamed up in the last quarter to finish off Korea, and finish the tournament with a 100% record. [7]


Ireland’s first World Championship with Irish based players, captained by UCD’s Michael Kennedy, saw them storm through the opening group games before losing to Australia and Japan in the knockout stages. Ireland finished 7th with a win over Germany in their last match.[32]

Red Division

Ireland ran out easy winners of the division, defearing Hong Kong, Italy, scotland and Wales, notching up double figures in each match while holding their opponents to single figures.[8][9]

Ireland 5 Australia 21 – 18 July 2006

Topping the Red Division saw Ireland face-off against Australia in the Quarter-Finals. With more expierence and better conditioning Australia ran out 21-5 winners, although it was not until the final quarter, when Australia ran off 12 unanswered goals, that Ireland were finally dispatched, as Ireland held them close for the first three quarters, the scores 5-2, 8-3, 9-5 at the end of each quarter. Connor O’Rourke netted two for Ireland and Tim Chryssikos, Brian Murray, and Michael Hartfolis one each for Ireland.[10]

Ireland 9 Japan 11 – 20 July 2006

Japan raced out to an early lead against Ireland, leading 3-1 after the first quarter and 8-2 at the half.It was a lead the would hang on to despite a second half Irish comebac, bringing the scores to 10-6 after three and 11-9 by the final whistle.[11]

Ireland 13 Germany 5 – 22 July 2006

Ireland played Germany for the first time since the 2001 European Championships, where Ireland debuted and lost every match, in the match for 7th Place. Ireland ran out comfortable 13-5 winners to finish off a successful tournament for the team.[11][12]


Every attacker and midfielder got on the scoreboard over 8 days as as what was described as a “special group” by Team Director John Cavanaugh showed “great character” to win six of their seven games and finish in 9th place.[19]

Ireland 21 South Korea 3 (Group Phase) – 16 July 2010

Paddy O’Leary scored Ireland’s opening goal as they ran out comfortable 21-3 winners over South Korea. They were 12-1 up at half-time as both offense , midfield and defence all played their part in the victory. Kevin Owens top-scored with 5 Goals, and there were contributions from Brian Gillis (3G), Sean Gibson (2G), Tom Riley (2G), Paddy O’Leary (2G), and one from Kris Prior.

Ireland 23 Slovakia 4 (Group Phase) – 17 July 2010

Ireland had a second good win with a “total team effort” as coach Tim Weir commented. Kris Prior top-scored with 6 goals, and Tom Riley netted 4, as there were contributions from Matt Walsh (2G), John O’Connor (2G), Sean Bodie (2G), and one apiece from seven players: Martin Scanlon, John Ryan, Dan Leidl, Michael Kennedy, Zak Jordan, Brian Gillis, Sean Gibson.

Ireland 16 Switzerland 3 (Group Phase) – 18 July 2010

Ireland built up a ten-goal half-time lead on their way to capturing the Orange Division title with victory over Switzerland. Kris Prior was again top-scorer, with 5 goals, as Brian Gillis and Matt walsh netted three each, and Tom Riley scored two. John Ryan, Kevin Owens, Sean McTernan each scored once, as Ireland won their Group outscoring opponents 60-10.

Ireland 12 Sweden 7 (Play-In Round) – 19 July 2010

Ireland built up a 6-0 first quarter lead under the stellar display of Matt Walsh who scored 5 goals in the quarter alone, out of his total of 6, as Ireland shutout Sweden in the last quarter to halt a comeback, to win by 12-7. Other scorers were Brian Gillis with three, Kris Prior with two and a single goal from Kevin Owens.

Ireland 9 Scotland 15 (Play-In Round) – 20 July 2010

ireland’s fifth game in five days saw tiredness creep in as they surrendered a 6-5 half-time lead to lose 15-9 to a Scottish second-half comeback. Kris prior was again Ireland’s top-scorer with three as John Ryan, Brian Gillis, Sean McTernan each netted two. It was Irelan’s first defeat of the Championships and meant the team had to settle for the 9th-12th Place Playoffs.

Ireland 17 Finland 6 (Placement Games) – 22 July 2010

After a well desreved days’ rest Ireland came out fired up for the meeting with Finland, building up a 10-1 half-time lead. In what was described as a “super effort” by Team Director John Cavanaugh, Ireland won 17-6 with Matt Walsh top-scoring on six and other contributions from Kris Prior (4G), Sean Gibson (2G), Brian Gillis (2G), and one each from Paddy O’Leary, Kevin Owens and John Ryan.

Ireland 15 Sweden 8 (Placement Games) – 23 July 2010

Ireland beat Sweden for the second time to clinch 9th spot in the Final standings. Sweden appeared frustrated by the Irish, giving up numerous penalties, as Ireland scored in three straight man-up situations to overturn a two-goal Swedish lead and go 9-2 up in the second quarter. Ireland would finish out the game, with Conner Sweeney excellent in goal, for a 15-8 victory. Kevin Owens top-scored on 4 goals as John Ryan scored three, and Walsh, Prior and Gillis two each. Tom riley and Paddy O’Leary also got on the scoresheet once, Paddy O’Leary scoring Ireland’s last goal as he had the first of the Championships.


Ireland finished 10th with a 6-2 record in a tournament where they had high hopes of reaching the quarter-finals, following their silver medal performance in the European Championships two years previously. The team this time around featured 50% Irish-born players and 50% players from an Irish background who were based in USA or Canada, who had Irish passports.[31]

Ireland 17 Uganda 1 (Group Phase) – 11 July

Ireland easily overcame Uganda in Uganda’s first ever FIL match17-1, which was called after the third quarter due to lightning. Tom Riley top-scored for Ireland on four goals. [23]

Ireland 22 France 5 (Group Phase) – 12 July

Ireland stormed back from being 2-1 down to rattle off 17 goals in a row to defeat France. Michael Shea and Tom Riley topped the scoring with four goals apiece while Brian Gillis netted two.[24]

Ireland 14 Bermuda 5 (Group Phase) – 13 July

This game was close, Bermuda only trailing 4-2, until late in the first quarter when Ireland scored eight on the trot. Brian Gillis was ireland’s top marksman with 6 goals as Ireland won the Yellow Division.[25]

Ireland 9 Israel 18 (Intermediate Round) – 14 July

Ireland were outclassed by an Israeli team that included only two players from Israel, the rest Jewish-Americans who played professionally or at a high level in college in the USA. Ireland held them scoreless for the first ten minutes, but lost 9-18 in the end. Tom Riley scored four goals and Tom Burke two for Ireland.[26]

Ireland 12 Czech Republic 10 (Intermediate Round) – 15 July

Ireland found themselves 10-7 down late in the game before a Michael Shea goal started a comeback, Ireland scoring four more unanswered goals in three minutes to finish out 12-10 winners.[27]

Ireland 13 Switzerland 6 (Consolation Round) – 16 July

Ireland got off to another slow start but capitalised on Swiss turnovers to win 13-6. A five goal run in the first half saw Ireland go in 7-2 up at half-time. Brian Gillis scored four goals for Ireland.[28]

Ireland 12 New Zealand 10 (Consolation Round) – 17 July

A third victory in a row for Ireland set up a 9th Place Playoff with Germany. A late rally by New Zealand was not enough to spoil the day for the Green Machine as Michael Shea scored with 18 seconds left to seal it, 12-10. Connor sweeney made an impressive 18 saves and Michael McTernan scored four to set up the match against Germany.[29]

Ireland 6 Germany 8 (Consolation Round) – 18 July

A bitter defeat for Ireland as it was a match they felt they could have won, racing out to a two-goal lead. Germany however, replied with four consecutive goals to go in front and Ireland would never regain the lead. Brian Gillis was Ireland’s top scorer, with four goals. Ireland thus finished 10th in the World.[30][31]


Ireland 18 China 3 (Yellow Group) – 12 July 2018: Ireland opened their 2018 FIL world Championships in style with an 18-3 victory over China. Ted Forst (6 Pts) and Corey McMahon (5 Pts) led the Irish points scorers.[34]

Ireland 14 Denmark 3 (Yellow Group) – 14 July 2018: Ireland finished top of the Yellow Group by dominating Denmark in their second game. The Offense controlled the game with help from Luke Palmadesso and Sonny Campbell at the Face-Offs, while the Defense almost totally shut-out the Danes. Offensive Player of the Game was Andy Meyers for a couple of goals and two-way performance. Defensive Player of the Game was Gearoid Dunbar for great positioning and tough defending.[35]

Ireland 12 Latvia 7 (1st Tournament Tree Round) – 15 July 2018: In the first of the Tournament Tree Rounds, Ireland defeated Latvia 12-7, taking control of the game early on, but Latvia were able to stay in touch as the game progressed. Ireland’s Offense kept possession, taking advantage of Latvia’s no pressure Defence, while Latvia were the first team in the tournament to challenge Ireland’s Defense, with big, athletic forwards. Offensive Player of the Game was Teddy Forst for his hat-trick and smart play, while Defensive Player of the Game was Connor Kelly in goals for making dynamic saves.[36]

Ireland 15 Italy 7 (2nd Tournament Tree Round) – 16 July 2018 Ireland went 4-0 in the Tournament beating Italy 15-7, keeping the Italians pinned down for course of the match. Despite the tough Italian Defense Ireland were able to score with almost every shot on goal, and Aaron Cahill took a pounding from the Italy Defense while scoring two important goals, which earned him Offensive Player of the Game. Peter Sullivan earned Defensive Player of the Game for Lock-Down Isolation Defense and team defense awareness, as well as causing a number of turnovers.[37]

Ireland 4 Israel 16 (3rd Tournament Tree Round) – 17 July 2018: Ireland came away from this match with their first loss of the tournament to the Hosts, who played the best match of their tournament. Israel’s defense was big and dexterous, and their goalie kept Ireland to only four goals, as Ireland faced their biggest challenge yet everywhere on the field. Plamadesso and Campbell hotly contested each Face-off and held their own, although Ireland’s Defense took the biggest pounding anywhere on the field, though they recovered somewhat in the second half.[38]

Ireland 10 England 11 (Placement Round 1: Place 3) – 18 July 2018: Ireland were punching above their weight in this match against England. Twice the Top Division side were held even with Ireland, at 9-9 and 10-10, after Ireland came out strongly, going 5-1 up in the First Quarter to shock one of the Old Powers of the sport. England made some big adjustments to their style of play in the second quarter, running a run-and-gun sttyle attack and taking advantage of superiority in man-up opportunities as they came back into the game, as the game was tied 7-7 at the half. The second half saw few goals scored as both teams scored two in the thord to again be level at the end of a quarter. With only fives minutes remaing the score was still level at 10-10 but the English found a hole in transition and put one past the Irish goalie. Ireland went on the attack immediately to try and get the equaliser but it was to no avail as a technical foul in the last minute saw the ball turned over and England managed to run out the clock. It was a remarkable performance from the Irish team which showed what the Ireland Lacrosse program is capable of, coming within a whisker of beating one of the top 5 teams in the World. [39]

Ireland 5 Germany 14: (Placement Round 2: 9th-12th Semi-Finals) – 19 July 2018: Coming down after the high of the near shock match with England, Ireland lost 14-5 to old nemesis Germany. Ireland made a number of miss-steps in the Penalty Box, giving Germany plenty of Man-Up Opportunities which they capitalsed on. For most of the first half Ireland led as the Offense found the net on a few occasions. After that, the offense conceeded forced turnovers which left the Defense on the back foot for most of the second half. Tiredness had set in and the Defense also made mistakes, failing to clear consistently, as Ireland wilted under pressure and lost 14-5.[40]

Ireland 10 Scotland 14: (Placement Round 3 11th Place) – 20 July 2018: With the last game of the tournament, Ireland fought gallantly but lost to a Scotland team which had started in the Top Group and had lost all of its matches prior to this one. Despite leading early with goals from Wallace, Cahill, Forst and Wichmann Scotland fired off seven wwithout reply to put the game beyond the Irish, however, 12th out of 46 was a good finish for Ireland and they could look over the tournament with some sense of Pride with success early on and close games against some of the giants of the game.[41]

Players and Coaches



Pos Player Years GP G A
M Sean Bodie 2010 7 2 0
M Tadhg Bolger 2014
M Tom Burke 2014
LSM Chris Byrne 2010 7 0 0
M Aaron Cahill 2014
M Sonny Campbell 2014
Tim Chryssikos 2006
LSM Mike Conway 2010 7 0 0
M Dan Daley 2002
A John Daley 2002
M Kevin Dowd 2002
D/LSM Patrick Ferry 2014
D John Frame 2010 7 0 1
G Joe Garvey 2002
M/A Sean Gibson 2010, 2014 7 4 2
A Brian Gillis 2010, 2014 7 16 3
Michael Hartfolis 2006
M Zak Jordan 2010, 2014 7 1 1
John Kelly 2006
M Michael Kennedy 2006 (c), 2010 7 2 0
D Dan Leidl 2010 7 1 0
D/LSM Ryan Licht 2010, 2014 7 0 0
D Dara McCreary 2010 7 0 0
A Pat McGee 2002
Brian McGettigan 2002
M Michael McTernan 2014
A Sean McTernan 2010 7 3 2
Kevin Moran 2002
A Cillian Murphy 2014
A Paul Murran 2014
Brian Murray 2006
D Jerry Nevin 2010, 2014 7 0 0
Dan Nolan 2002
M John O’Connor 2010, 2014 7 1 2
M Paddy O’Leary 2010, 2014 7 4 3
Connor O’Rourke 2006
M Kevin Owens 2010 7 12 5
D/LSM Joseph Prior 2014
A Kristian Prior 2010, 2014 7 24 7
G Kevin Quinn 2010, 2014 7 0 0
A/M Tom Riley 2010, 2014 7 9 9
M John Ryan 2010 7 9 3
M Martin Scanlon 2010, 2014 7 1 1
M Michael Shea 2014
Leonard Skelly 2006
Peter Soden 2002
G Connor Sweeney 2010, 2014 7 0 0
Eric Timmreck 2006
D Conor Walsh 2014
A Matt Walsh 2010 7 24 16





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I am currently Web Manager for Baseball Ireland. I have been involved in American Football Ireland since 1987 either as a fan (going to the first College Games in Ireland in the 1980s, the Shamrock Bowl or Dublin Tornadoes & Dublin Rebels matches), player (South West Jets Flag Football 1995), Line Judge (IAFL 1996-2003), Chain Crew Member (I was on the Sidelines for the NFL game in Dublin between the Pittsburgh Steelers & Chicago Bears in 1997), Team Manager (Dublin Bay Raptors, IFFL 2018-present), Statistician (I did the stats for Shamrock Bowl X and currently do the stats for the Raptors). I have also played Softball for Marlay Mustangs, represented my school (St. Colmcille's Knocklyon) in Basketball & Olympic Handball, played plenty of Street Soccer, played Badminton for over 30 years (Knocklyon Social Badminton Club), played Croquet in the Annual Trinity SWSS v Green Party Challenge, Ran the Belfield Mile (UCD), played Chess for Trinity in the annual Colours Match, and played a lot of Games and E-Sports (Subbuteo, Fantasy NFL & Madden NFL etc) and have tried most of the sports on this website at least twice. I have a BA in World Development from the Development Studies Centre @ The Holy Ghost College Kimmage and have completed a Professional Qualification in Webmaster level 1 in Web Design at the Irish Academy of Computer Training (The Eirball.ie research Project) both in Dublin, Ireland I could not have done this on my own, however, and the help of friends, co-workers, teachers and family has been significant. Please see the Acknowldegemets section (below the Home Menu Button for a full list of those who have helped, guided or supported me.

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